I need your help with decision, maybe a poll?

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I need to get your help...please help to decide what stays!

  1. Nutmeg (Muscade)

  2. Whiskey

  3. Khaki

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi everyone - I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I just recently aquired a khaki paddy that I just rec'd today! It is absolutely beautiful, and even better than I had hoped for (secretly kind of hoped I wouldn't like it this much). I just sort of nosed over here one evening (to the Chloe side - was a diehard Balenciaga lover - someone had a photo of their Bbags and ONE whiskey paddy) and this led me to the search of a whiskey paddy. Not too long after (I surprised even myself) I had ordered my first (and what I thought ONLY ) paddy. I originally came over here because I loved loved loved the whiskey paddy. But of course, couldn't find one anywhere. So - I ordered my first - a muscade/nutmeg! I really love it and then the unthinkable happened, Elizabeth Thomas offered a brand new whiskey paddy! The color I had searched for and couldn't find! I tried to resist - but now torn and undecided I thought I would get it and see them side by side to make a decision. Now - I also love Khaki - I am very much into earthtones and want the perfect neutral - didn't think I would ever find one of those either and wouldn't you know it - when you tell yourself you are done - along comes THE KHAKI I had also been lusting for. Okay - are you starting to see my dilema? What started out as just one Chloe bag has now turned into 3 (three) absolutely stunning rich earth-tone bags that I must come to some sort of decision on! ? :sad: :sweatdrop: I can not keep all three. I have to make a decision and find a way to decide which one finds a new home and I need your help. I have really deliberated over this and just can not come to a decision on my own.... please help! Thanks so much everyone in advance for your help! :flowers:
    chloe 005 (Small).jpg chloe 010 (Small).jpg chloe 011 (Small).jpg
  2. All three are beautiful bags!! :heart: Oyy I see your dilemma!! Hmm... Khaki is a nice color but I prefer the other two. I have a whiskey and I just it! Not too dark or light, pops but isn't "bold" you know?? So I guess my fave out of the three would be whiskey... but I have to say muscade has really won me over recently (especially after seeing sonja's zippy!!) :yes:

    Some things to think about, which of the three works best with your wardrobe? Are you drawn to any bag in particular even though you love all of them??
  3. Thanks Audrey - They all work great with my wardrobe. I wear really neutral colors pretty much all of the time. (I know - boring!) But it works for me. They all go great. My favorite color is brown - so obviously good matches. This is why I thought I would get all of your advice - because I am drawn to each of them at different times, for different reasons. I mean - one day I think okay - I've got it figured out - and then the next day - back to being torn because something about the one I thought I could live without, is now the very thing I can't give up!? Is this normal? :shrugs: I really am torn and have to narrow this down soon!
  4. Love the Khaki and the Muscade/Nutmeg ---- they are different enough that I think you would carry each evenly. Good luck on your decision, I know it's a hard choice to make.
  5. I'd go for the muscade because it's not as orangy as the whiskey and it looks absolutely stunning!
  6. it's really hard to choose one as they're all too gorgeous..!! :love: I'm torn in 2 between muscade and whiskey; I bought muscade as it's easier to match with my wardrobe (as Tanja said it's not that orangey) and I really love the colour but your whiskey looks so slouchy and beautiful - and I really admire this shade! I would choose the one of these 2 that matches easier with your clothes and other accessories :flowers:
  7. I love them all!!!!:love: :love:

    But if it were just one...it would be whiskey - it's neutral enough to go with almost every colour, especially if your wardrobe is fairly neutral - yet it's bold enough to 'pop' an outfit - it's a statement all of it's own!:yes:

    So...i've voted for whiskey (which, in your pic, is absolutely beautiful):flowers:
  8. muscade all the way :wlae:
  9. My vote is for whiskey. That is one of the prettiest and richest colors Chloe has ever produced IMO. It is so classic and beautiful!
  10. Are any of the bags store-returnable? That might influence your decision?

    I love the nutmeg best *today* :smile:
  11. and today I am loving the Whisky best ;)

    sorry, I know we are not helping much! :biggrin: Its a tough decision, but my vote is for Whisky :smile:
  12. OMG! They are all so beautiful! I am a Chloe newbie and a die hard Balenciaga fan! However, I just got my first Chloe Khaki hobo yesterday and I love it! The color works perfect with my wardrobe!

    I think you should keep the khaki (of course~LOL) and the whiskey! I just love the whisky color!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I voted for the Whiskey paddy - It's a year round color, and the one you have there is TDF!
  14. Are you keeping one or two bags?
  15. I can not return any of them. One bought from Chloe boutique (no returns) other bought from Elizabeth Thomas, and one bought privately.
    I am trying to actually only keep one - but it is going to be really hard to part with any of them never mind two. Have had a couple of huge expenses come up and just out of sheer guilt - might have to narrow it down to just one. I will hold off as long as I can to make that call. Thanks and now you can see why I am so torn!