I need your help to report FRAUDULENT E-bayer who is scamming people

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I am looking for your help please in reporting a scammer who is stealing money from unsuspecting Ebayers by sending very bad fake Mulberry bags.

    I purchased the Mulberry bag (listing below) and was told by the seller that it was authentic. I was new to the Purse Forum at the time and didn't know to ask the very wise women on the Mulberry 'authenticate this' thread to authenticate it for me.

    Anyway, bag arrived in post yesterday. Worst fake i have ever seen. :cry:

    Seller lied to me continuously also, saying he posted it January 30th by registered mail. It was only after almost 2 weeks when it hadn't arrived, that I said to him that I was going to escalate it to a claim, that he actually sent it, as the date on the tracking no. and on the postage sticker is 9th February!!!!!:rtr:

    So he was out to scam me from the start.

    The ladies on the Authenticate this thread have confirmed to me that I bought a fake bag.

    I would be so grateful if you could help me in reporting this fraudster to Ebay, so that he never ever has a chance to dupe another unsuspecting person out of £300 (not incl. postage!!)

    You can check on Page 50 of the 'Authenticate this' Mulberry thread to see what the experts have said about this listing that I got stung with!

    Name: Mulberry Bayswater EAST WEST - Oak Natural Leather
    Seller: 123-captainkirk
    Item number: 180462609999
    Link: http://cgi.ebay.ie/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180462609999&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

  2. How awful. Does it look like you will be able to recover your money through paypal dispute? I really hope so xx
  3. oh no! looks like you could only pay with paypal on this listing, so hopefully you can get your money back!
  4. Paypal used to be very good however that is when Mulberry would authenticate at their factory.

    Now with Mulberry withdrawing this service I am not sure what paypal will accept as confirmation that it is a fake.

    I think there are some sellers on ebay who can authenticate for you and Paypal will accept their opinions however maybe another lady can come along and confirm this.

    I would contact paypal and see how they can help.

    Perhaps you can PM jazzyjay and ask her advice, she is super and may help you find a way forward.

    So sorry this has happened to you. Most of us have been stung at one point or another and the forum is amazing and keeps us safe. Welcome!
  5. This is very upsetting for yu and thank you for naming/shaming this fraudster.

    Please dont delay in escalating to a paypal claim - the quicker the better.

    Im pretty confident that Paypal will not have released your payment to him given his low feedback volume and that Mulberrys are a frequently faked item. Paypal tend to withhold payment until positive feedback has been received.

    Warning - please make sure you leave feedback promptly - they have reduced the time period.

    Keep us posted!

    Please dont be put off ebay - our wonderful authenticators can spot even the most devious fake!
  6. Well, if the seller puts up a fight, ebay/paypal will require written confirmation on letterheaded paper that the bag is counterfeit. With Mulberry no longer providing this service, then maybe caroldiva could do it, but I am not sure if she authenticates Mulberry. I am currently in contact with another buyer who recently bought from another seller who sells nothing but fakes, and she was told this by paypal only this week, about the written authentication. These sellers are scamming rip off merchants, but trouble is, they know the system and how to play it to their best advantage.
  7. That is awful Jazzy. Perhaps Blondie Lady should tell the seller that she is going to report him to the police if he makes a fuss and disputes the refund. It is, after all, a criminal offence to sell counterfeit goods and/or to obtain monies by deception. The seller may just prefer to refund rather than risk police involvement?
  8. ^^ ita.
  9. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for your support on this. I have lodged a 'significantly not as described' dispute through Paypal.

    The seller currently has no other items for sale, so I am going to hold out until the end of the week to put the feedback up....reason being, I am hoping he will not try and dispute the claim I have made...as it will drag on even further then. The less contact I have with him, the better. But the second I see another item up for sale by him, I will be putting the feedback on (I am keeping a very close eye on his account!).

    But don't worry....he will be getting the WORST feedback ever from me when I do leave it.

    Paypal have been quite good. I have been on the phone to them twice. As I live in Ireland, there is no Mulberry shop here. I rang the head office in the UK and they said they no longer authenticate bags. So I told Paypal this and they said as long as I can get clarification that it's a fake from ANY bag shop, I should be ok.

    So I am going to a local bag shop today and hopefully they will do a letter for me. I have also sent on a copy to Paypal of what the ladies on the 'authenticate this' thread said about the bag.

    I've also e-mailed Mypoupette.com to see if they could do an authenticity check on it and send me a letter (I believe Paypal accepts these...correct me if I am wrong?).

    Anyway, I am SOOOOOO angry, upset and annoyed at being duped out of all the money and at the fact that there's a fraudster out there scamming innocent people out of hundreds of Euro/Pounds.

    I will not rest until his account is suspended. I have decided that if I get my money back I am going to treat myself to a brand new Mulberry from Mulberry.com

    I'm 8 and a half months pregnant and I was awake half the night last night worrying about whether I am going to get my money back or not. I don't need this stress.

    Thanks again
  10. oh Blondie so sorry to hear about this - it IS really upsetting - I really feel for you.

    Sounds like you are doing the right things and i am sure you WILL get your money back but that does not mitigate against the upset and anger.

    Take care of yourslef hun....think of that lovely baby you are carrying.
  11. What a nightmare Blondie, you are right, you do not need the extra stress. It sounds like you are doing all the right things though and i hope that you will get your money back shortly. I saw an obviously fake Roxanne sell on ebay a while back for about £400. I felt very sorry for the poor unsuspecting buyer. It is sick that these criminals get away with robbing people. I hope you get your new bag from Mulberry and that this sorry story has a nice happy ending.
  12. one thought - if paypal won't give you your money back, does your paypal account link to a credit card? If so, your cc might be a second line of defence for getting your money back, if paypal doesn't work. I'm not sure where you are, but Fenwicks provided me a letter re a fake in the past. Whatever happens, don't do yourself harm - this evil guy isn't worth it!
  13. Sorry to hear about that Blondie_Lady. I hope that you get your money back speedily without any further hassle. The fact that you paid through PayPal is positive to your claim. When I purchased my fake Mable last year, I paid by sterling draft and by the time I got suspicious about the bag, the seller had cancelled his account...
    Only positive outcome of that was that I found the PurseForum and the fab people on here!

    Hope you have a better night's rest tonight. I'm in Ireland myself (Dublin); where are you?

    Edited to say: just saw lovemymulberry's post above. I did that a few years ago with a seller who took my money but didn't send bag. Visa refunded asap.
  14. Hi there

    Did you say on the Auth thread that the pics on Ebay listing are of a different bag to the one you received? If so, I'm not sure if you saw my reply to you on that thread - I think you should be able to get a refund based on this fact alone.
  15. good luck Blondie.
    Keep us posted and try not to get too stressed.