I need your help right now!!!! jumbo cavair hot yellow

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  1. I found this color in excellent condition and I know it is very hard to find. What do you think? Should I buy it or wait for cruise 2011? I need to decide
    right now otherwise somebody will take her. TIA:biggrin: it costs about $ 3,000

  2. Will there be a yellow one for cruise 2011?
  3. Do you know what are the exact shades in Cruise 2011? It's a lot of money....but if she is what I have been waiting for, I would get her. I am very particular about my colours. I know the shades I like and when I see them, I will get them. The other thing to consider is if you will find lots of use to pair her with, if yes, then go ahead!

    Good luck deciding!!!
  4. I don't think they will have yellow for cruise 2011. I meant should I wait for
    new interesting color for cruise 2011? or grab her. I like pink, yellow and
    cobalt blue but I can afford one.

  5. I think yellow is not easy to match, right?
  6. To me this yellow is close to mustard colour and not a very easy colour to wear. Personally I would prefer the mango yellow.
  7. Sukiyaki, if you like a variety of colours, I would recommend you wait for Cruise 2011. This yellow is not my cup of tea. Unless this is a colour you must have, I would wait until C 2011. For that amount of money, you have to be head over heels in love with that colour!
  8. Thank you very much all you guys, I will wait for cruise 2011:biggrin:
    and somebody takes her already. Actually, I have been looking for hot pink.
    I hope someday Chanel will release this color again.
  9. I think you made the right decision and I hope you'll find your perfect dreambag soon.
    A hot pink bag sounds interesting :nuts:!
  10. I liked that yellow.
    But yes wait for the cruise collection :biggrin:
  11. I like it!
    actually, yellow goes well with many colors such green, red, black, brown, especially purple. Although, I like yellow in ghw.
  12. Cruise 2011 is coming out with lambskin and patent fuscia in jumbo.
  13. Ohh i didn't get to see it.. The seller has taken it off already :Push: