I need your help please! :)

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Which one should I buy?

  1. The Burberry Trench Coat

  2. The Karen Millen Winter Coat

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am currently looking for a fall/winter/spring coat and need to decide between these two. Climate wise I live in London and am often in Dublin because of my job.

    My main pet peeve is that I usually buy coats for around 150-250 Euros/Pounds and they last one season or max two seasons and then I have to buy a new one again next season because they look too worn out for my liking. I would really like one that lasts a bit longer this time :smile:

    So I am trying to chose between the following:

    This one which I'll probably wear for years and can wear to work and casually:

    but it might be too cold for winter?

    Or this one which I can also wear for work and casually but will prob only last me 1 to 2 winters:


    Please tell me your thoughts :yes:
  2. I think that they will both be cold for winter, but the Burberry is far more practical. I'd get the Burberry.

    Edit: are you referring to the leather biker jacket on the home page of the Karen Millen web site? That's the picture that comes up when you click your link.
  3. That's so strange- the link works for me! Thanks for letting me know! This is the Karen Millen wool coat I am referring to:

  4. ^Is it lined? I guess, judging by the pictures, neither of them look that warm for winter. I would still go with the Burberry. The Karen M. is a bit military/modern, which makes it a little more trendy and not quite as practical as the Burberry.
  5. Thank you for your feedback! :yes:
  6. I like the Burberry one too.............
  7. Thanks for your input! :yes:
  8. I like the Burberry one too but like vhdos said it might not be warm enough for winter.
    The Karn Millen is nice, I like the shape and length but not the zippers in front
  9. well i think based on your descriptions you are leaning more towards the burberry since it will last you for years to come. plus i like the look of it better so i would go with that one. and as a burberry coat owner, i can tell you that they are worth the $$. they are durable, stylish and last!
  10. From those 2 I will prefer Burberry ,what is always great investment . They fabric and cut are amazing ,I totally recommend. Just one thing I will go with longer one , I know is more expensive .
    or...try other options ...like this :
  11. I like the Burberry!
  12. Thanks so much for your input, ladies! :yes:

    Elissabeta, that Reiss coat is super pretty! Thanks for sharing! I might go for a longer version of the Burberry one. If I'm going to be spending 850 euros already I don't mind spending a bit more for a longer one since it's an investment piece. I'm only 165cm and quite skinny so long coats can drown me a bit but I'll definitely take your advice into consideration :yes:
  13. The Burberry. It's sooo classic and chic!
  14. Thanks! Looks like it's a clear winner! :yes:
  15. Another vote for Burberry. A classic that will last you a long long time!