i need your help please!!!!

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  1. :cursing:ok i bought this bag but the bag that was sent was not authentic, i know ima dummy. im past that. but i need you to report it the 3 ways necessary please. im in the middle of a paypal dispute and want you girlies to help me get this chick's listing removed so it will make my case better.
    thank you so much!
  2. Reported! Not that it really matters, the bag in the photos is a fake, too. If anything I think that helps your PP dispute. I am sorry you have to deal with this! :sad:
  3. it's already gone?
  4. you girls are great thanks!!
  5. I tried ...it is gone!
  6. I'm assuming you already have the bag?? I'll definitely report this for you...but....

    I had this happen once, and actually the listing showed the auth bag (it was stolen pics) and it was a hijacked account. eBay pulled it almost immed. after I paid with paypal as a fraudulent listing, and so I filed a paypal claim. Should have been easy to get my money back, right, since Paypal is in bed with eBay??

    Well, the creeps provided "tracking" and sent us a fake bag that my DH unfortunately signed for. So the initial "not received" claim was denied for me, and we had to refile. At the time that was the only way to file with paypal, and they reopened on "not as described". I was like WHAT?!?! So, anyway, then Paypal made me send the HORRIBLE fake bag AT MY EXPENSE off to Coach NY... despite having pics and showing a bag that did NOT match the eBay listing pic... or a fake that was even the right style. Not to mention, Ebay had already pulled it is a fraudulent listing from a hijacked acct!!

    Bottom line...it took nearly 3 months to get my money back, and I was out the shipping to send to Coach NY.

    Paypal is REALLY clueless..I hate them, so I wanted to warn you to call and chat with your case specialist. It might expedite your getting the money back. I wish I had done that in the beginning, but did not until I totally lost patience with them. When I did (lose it with them), the money was refunded almost right away. I don't think pictures and reporting won't help because Paypal is caught up in their own little world. It should have been refunded to me within 3 hours, which was the time that Ebay took to remove the listing. You have to be assertive on your end as well. Good luck in dealing with this, and I hope you get your money back soon!!
  7. It's already been pulled!