I need your help now!

  1. I usually sell designer purses on ebay, I have been lucky over the years no a single claim or scam. I have been part of this forum for about 3 months already and I have learned that things are getting nasty for some honest sellers like me. I have a couple of items that I would like to list but they are really expensive and I'm afraid one of these days I'm going to get scammed with a CC charge back or something. I'm scared! What do you girls recommend? Should I continue accepting PayPal payments or Should I go with Money Orders? Which one is safer? Please help!:sad:
  2. IMHO PayPal is much safer than money orders. There are counterfeit money orders all over the place (and cashier's checks, too) whereas Paypal at least offers some form of Seller protection.
  3. ^Only problem is you'll lose some business. I would NEVER pay w/ a money order for a big ticket item.
  4. Odds are, you will be fine, especially if you're only listing a couple of things. If you do sell your items, I would continue to accept Paypal BUT ship them insured, to a confirmed address & require delivery/signature confirmation. That really covers your behind in most situations. I would also take many pics of the items & keep them after the sale. That way, you have proof of the items condition when you sold it, you have proof it was delivered & if the buyer claims they never received it- you have proof it was insured for full value.

    I'm in the same boat as you, I sell my designer bags & have never had a problem up to this point but I feel afraid it's just a matter of time. I've pretty much stopped selling although that isn't to say I will never list another bag. I will just be much more alert from now on! Good luck;)
  5. If you are worried about someone baiting and switching your handbags and then sending back a fake for a refund, do what I have done in the past. You can get some paper or plastic bracelets (like they put on you when you are at a club or concert or park) and write your auction information on it and sign it or put a code on it that only YOU know. These bracelets loop easily around a handle and have to be cut off. Except NO returns unless YOUR purse comes back to you with the bracelet untampered with. State the fact in your auction that you put a "security tag" on all of your bags. That would deter would be scammers.
  6. ^ That is a GREAT idea. Wow! I would've never thought of it but something so simple like that could save a LOT of headaches and thousands of dollars potentially.

    Not to steal highmaintenance's thread, but I would like to know how to protect oneself against chargebacks as well. Winning a PP case is one thing, but what if then the buyer decides to do a chargeback through their CC company inside? Yikes!

  7. Honestly, I have never had to deal with a chrageback in my 5 years on eBay, so I have no advice. However, eBay did have a workshop on it in July and I have taken the liberty to paste the link here: eBay Forums: eBay Workshop: Managing Risk – ...

    You may find it useful...I hope so! Good luck eBaying! :flowers:
  8. :nuts: that's an excellent idea! Thank you!!!:flowers:
  9. SUPER idea!

    I've aslo read this scam:
    If you send overseas insist that they pay for insurance and tracking. Often people will say that they never got the bag and then get a refund from Paypal.

    Also - I often assume that those who say no Paypal are running a scam and that's why they only want money orders.
  10. NVMyLV, thanks for the link!!

    Nyria, to my understanding, only the UK is covered under the Seller Protection Policy. For other overseas coverage, even if you have the proof (tracking and everything) you're out of luck because it's not covered under that.
  11. :shocked:
  12. Whaaaa???? Do you know where I can find more info on this???
  13. If you guys go to your Paypal accounts and click on the question mark beside any previous transactions that say "Eligible" I think that's where it is. Anyways, I have to go to class now, running late but if you still can't find it, I'll look into it.
  14. Because of the Paypal problems I have had recently I HAVE to accept Paypal on my auctions as long as I'm a Powerseller. Its part of the Powerseller agreement I guess. I encourage my buyers to pay with a Money Order or Cashiers Check or Personal Check and not PayPal. I prefer Postal Money Orders and when I receive one I call the post office to verify the MO # and then I deposit it. I do the same with Cashiers Checks also. Personal Checks have to clear before I ship. As soon as I no longer qualify for Powerseller status I will NEVER again accept Paypal. I'm not worried about losing customers.