I need your help ladies!!

  1. HI!

    I have a huge problem.
    I have now (and finally!!!!) the money to get another beautiful bag, but I can not decide which one to get!

    I already have:
    black epi speedy 25, mono bh, mono pochette acc and white multicolore trouville.

    I think I will get one of these bags(or maybe two :graucho:):

    -damier speedy 25/30
    -epi red speedy 25
    -black mc pochette

    but you could also tell me another ideas which bag to get!

    and if anyone has a pic, where i could see the bag, could you show it to me :smile:!?!

    and tell me, how big is the speedy 30? can you put there a regular size paper(a4 form)??

    thank you, and sorry again about my bad english :/
  2. Hiya
    I love the Damier speedy 30,
    I'm about 5'6 and the speedy 30 is the perfect size for me, The 25 felt to small and didnt look right but does also depend on how much you carry, But you can get all the sizes off www.Louisvuitton.com .

    Or how about the Summit Drive in Amarante or Pomme?
  3. Damier Speedy 30

    maybe something denim ?

    HTH =)
  4. yes...denim :tup:
  5. How about the Saleya PM in Damier. I just bought it and its a fantastic bag. It has cellholder and a slip pocket. The inside is a beautiful red so you can see everything easily. I have the red Epi 25 which is also a stunning bag, but it's hard to find things in it and if I put the phone in it's pocket inside i don't hear it.
  6. How 'bout a Saleya?
  7. I would say definetly the Damier, especially since you already have an Epi speedy! Try a different line!
    I would also recommend the Damier speedy 30....the Epi 25 that you have is actually the same size as the Damier 30!
  8. I love the Bowling Montaigne Bag in Epi, also the Summit Drive is an excellent choice.
  9. i would say damier saleya pm or Mm!!
  10. Out of the 3, I would choose the damier speedy!
  11. Hmmm... I would say get something from the Damier line (Saleya or Speedy 30)or Vernis (Brentwood or Summit Drive), or something from the Denim line (Baggy PM or GM or wait for the new black denim coming out).

    Sorry --- but I think I may have added to your problem with so many choices. LOL Good luck!!
  12. I'm no lady, but I can help. ;)

    My suggestions:
    -Denim Baggy PM
    -Saleya MM
  13. Summit Drive! :drool::drool::drool:
  14. damier 30
  15. out of the three, my vote goes to the damier speedy 25.