I need your help.. is it real...?

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  1. I am buying these and I am not sure if they are real. I know the bottom one is a Speedy but I have not found any without the gold corners. Does it look real to you? The one on the top is soooo cute but yet again I can not find it anywhere. The closest I have found is the Neo Speedy (in green) but the print is smaller on this one. I just don't know enough to do this alone,any help on these would be great. It's name? How much it goes for? How old it is ?
    Help !
    Thanks Elizabeth


  2. sorry, they both look faux to me :sad:
  3. i think they are fake as well, but wait for other responses.
  4. what makes you think they are not real?
  5. Ummm NO!
    sad fakes sorry...

  6. These are fake...we have a special spots for authentication, see the sticky at the top.
  7. Totally fake, sorry :sad: !
  8. In the future you can use this thread http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/authenticate-this-louis-vuitton-17670.html to authentic items..

    You cant find that *so* called denim bag because its fake and looks nothing like the real bag..
    the mc bag is just wrong on all counts and has few colors when it should have 33.

  9. Horrible fakes. :yucky:
  10. Both terrible fakes. :yucky:
  11. Bad fakes.
  12. ohh my...
    I paid by paypal so I should be able to get my money back....?
    any idea what I should do ?
  13. reply to seller you know they are fake and want a refund. otherwise open a claim with paypal.
  14. They are fake. At least the first one is. I wish it wasn't because I actually would love it. But nope....fake fake fake. Only the denim speedy has that zipper in the front I believe.
  15. File a dispute and state that you received a fake bag.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.