I need your help, I cant decide...

  1. OK so I have been a faithful Balenciaga wearer until about 5 months ago I bought a mini lin wallet and I love it. It definatly didnt go with the slouchyness of Balenciaga so now I want to make my first LV bag purchase. I cant decide on what to get though. I really like the mono Papillion 30 and the mono speedy 30 and I love the mini lin speedy and mini lin bucket... Help me out, I dont what to get. Im 5'3 So I'm worried that maybe the speedy might look funny on me?? But i do like the being able to wear it on my arm and not have to wear it on my shoulder... Any sugestions?

    Thanks in advance! :rolleyes:
  2. Don't worry, the Speedy definitely won't look funny on you. I'd go for it!
  3. id go for the mono or mini lin speedy. It wont look strange on you, dont worry.
  4. So ive seen on some other threads, are the handles a good size to wear it comfortably on your arm?? or is more a hand bag?
  5. I think that a speedy would be great for your first bag..I think that since you already have the min lin wallet why not get the min lin speedy! but the mono speedy 30 is great too..that one has been on my list forever! GOOD LUCK PICKING!
  6. Ok, so from what I can see everyone seems to be a fan of the speedy, soo.. second question. Do you dress them up at all? Ive seen some bag charms, does anyone do scarves or anything else? Pics would be great :yes:
  7. I like the Mini Lin Bucket more than the Speedy... :p
  8. speedy will be great. papillon 26 is also cute but it doesn't hold much. I think papillon 30 will be a bit too big for you plus it has long straps to wear over the shoulder.
  9. Lvbabydoll :

    Thanks so much that helps out alot!
  10. speedy 30 is a great first LV purchase! :smile:
  11. Get the speedy!
  12. Get a mini lin to match your wallet. I love the speedy, but the bucket has an extra pochette, so for me, it's like getting something extra. Good luck and welcome to the addictive world of LV.....
  13. mini lin speedy to match ur wallet
  14. the speedy is a great bag

    unless you have skinnnnnnnny arms, most likley you cant get it on your arm