I Need Your Help!!! I Am About To Cry...

  1. I am about to cry right now I bought the Chanel cambon bowler in the pink/black so I took it out and used it for the first time well I was getting something out of my bag and I noticed that the side pocket was coming unstiched I am really freaked out. I have the Saks receipt and it wasn't like that when I bought it. I am worried that since this line is really hard to get a hold of if they can even get me another one or repair this one for me. Has anyone had this happen to one of there bags and what should I do??? Please help me out I am really freaking out...:crybaby:
  2. Take it back to Saks or to a Chanel boutique.... they can repair it.... no biggie!!!
  3. Exactly. Wherever you bought it from will ship it back to Chanel and fix it like new.:yes:
  4. Is this a common thing that happens all the time this is my second Chanel bag and now I am worried how durable they really are this is the first day I ever used it and this happens it kind of pisses me off... Chanel bags aren't cheap I would think they would not do this at all.
  5. I've never had a defect on my Chanels.
  6. Me too, and I thrash my bags!:yes:
  7. I had a defect on my reporter. The lining was being pulled away from the grommet and it was tearing a bit. But I bought it at NM and they sent it to Chanel and fixed it for free since it wasn't even a year old yet. So just have them send it back in and fix it..it'll be free and you'll get your bag back, good as new. If they can't fix it (I don't know why they wouldn't be able to though), they'll more than likely exchange it for another one for you.
  8. I've never had an issue with my Chanel bags.
  9. They'll fix it for you. Might take 1-2 weeks. I bought a new Chanel once and came home to see it was broken (so it was like that when I bought it). So they fixed it for me, no charge, just a very long wait
  10. Dont be sad!!! Take it back and let them fix it!!
  11. I'm sure they'll repair it for free.
  12. Thanks girls...I will do that I hope they could make it good as new.
  13. Hmmm I never have any problem with any of my Chanel bag. Send it back and let them fix it or replace the bag. I am sure they will do it for you.
  14. Not the same thing, but I had a pair of brand new YSL sandals break. I was heartbroken because I got them on sale and knew they wouldn't have another pair. I took them back to NM and NM had them fixed, good as new. I am sure yours can be fixed too.
  15. Just to give you guys a update I took my Cambon pink Bowler that I got on sale back to Saks. I was pretty disapointed of the way they handled the situation the Sales associate was pretty snobby and said that I would have to pay for the repair since the bag was on sale. I had to give her a hard time about it because I only used the bag once and I know the pocket should have not come undone. She said it was going to be only $30.00 to repair but I felt I should have not even been charged because it is so odvious that it was a defect. I had to tell her that if they were not going to be responsible for the repair that I then I want my money back because I bought the bag in the end of June and I only used it once. She said she would waive half of the cost of the repair but I had to pay for the other half. I was so pissed because I thought saks would have handled it a little better and because the Sales associate was so snobby just because my bag was on sale. I am just hoping that they will fix it as good as new or I am going to raise hell and I will have to get my money back. I will just be disapointed because I know it would be impossibe to find another Pink cambon bowler.