I need your help for my Birthday Gift!

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  1. Hi!
    my birthday is in june,and i'd like to extend my LV collection!:yes:
    I actually have a Mono speedy 25 and a Mono Cerise Pochette.

    i can't decide which buy between(i can eventually buy 2 pieces thanks to my boyfriend who wants to go to LV on my birthday!):
    -Bandeau Etolie(rose or gris clair ?)
    -Pochette Cles (mono or Damier Azur?)
    -Mini Pochette (Mono,Damier azur or neverfull when i can see it).
    -Anyother ideas?(not over 200$):idea:

    I really like Damier Azur(expecially in summer time),but i've some questions about:
    -can it become"pale yellow"if it will be expose to the sun?
    -If i attack the pochette cles in damier azur to my jeans,can the white part of damier take the blue color of the jeans?

    i don't want something that is too much delicate..'cause i'd like to use it everyday without anxiety!!!!!!(i'm a little bit paranoid with my LV bags!)
    also I have thought at pochette Cles in Groom(i love it),but I have fear that it fades ...

    I hope you will help me to decide,every suggestions are much appreciated!
  2. Well happy birthday (almost), and I'd pick the bandeau from your list. Otherwise I suggest a vernis cles - they are beautiful!
  3. azur is canvas so I don't see it turning yellow. if you leave it under the sun, the handles will patina.
  4. id go for the bandeau and cles too.
  5. cles and pouchette!
  6. ITA!
    LoVe Bandeau/Scarf are under 200 too. :yes:
  7. BANDEAU! I am obsessed over them right now!
  8. Bandeau and Cles sounds like a good plan! Happy early b-day!
  9. azur.
  10. Don't be nervous about the groom cles. I have used mine everday since Oct. 06 and it still looks brand new. It is my most used LV piece too.
  11. Sounds like you need a Cles!!!
  12. I would definitely go for a cles (I prefer Mono over Damier Azur, but Damier ebene over Mono) and the etoile bandeau in rose (such a beautiful color). Congrats and happy early birthday!
  13. I would go for the Azur mini pochette. I think you do have to be a bit careful with dark denim, as it can transfer onto the cream canvas but I don't think it will yellow like you fear. But it can hold a lot of stuff and you can even use it as a wristlet!
  14. mini pochette in azur and damier cles
  15. Thanks for your opinions!
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