I Need Your Help Finding This Bag!!!

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  1. I have been calling all over the place looking for the Large Harlequin in the blue tones without much luck. Does anyone know where I might find this bag? Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :flowers:
  2. hhmmm, will keep my eyes open. I might be heading off to the shops today so I'll take a look see.
  3. Look at post #10 in this thread: New season harlequin Miu Miu bag!
    I'm looking (desperately) for the Large blue one. The one with the single braided handle. Any help would be wonderful!! :P
  4. Yea, I edited my post when I saw that thread. I know which ones they are now. :idea:
  5. Miu2.. is it the same colorway as Victoria B's? That's my fave of the bunch!!! good luck on your hunt... i will keep my eyes and ears open.
  6. Yes, same color as hers! She's probably the reason it is sold out everywhere!! :Push:
  7. Miu2, maybe you could ask Vanillinae where she got her purple one so that store may also have the blue one you are looking for.