I need your help desperately!

  1. So I posted earlier on the debate to swap my Diamond Stitch for a Rock and Chain large flap. I finally made up my mind to keep the diamond stitch AND get a RnC flap. I spoke to my Saks SA yesterday and she said she had one.
    So I went in after work and she brought out the RnC HOBO! Wahhh!! Wrong bag!
    She said that Saks NY never order the large flap. WHAT??

    So here is my question.
    I really want to take advantage of the Saks
    GC event today (ending shortly).
    Does anybody know for sure that the large RnC flap was never made in red? That is my first choice.
    If it really does not exist I want to find a large black at a Saks and buy it right now.

  2. Im not sure, I heard it was made in red or they are going to make it in red or maybe it was the hobo???...but i have a black large Rnc flap and i love it ! let us know if u got the bag!!
  3. I read somewhere on here that Nordstrom ordered the red RnC flap, but not sure if Saks ordered any.
  4. the do make it in red..cuz its shown in the Chanel webpage
  5. I didn't buy the large black flap for the Saks GC event yetserday since nobody was able to tell me if the large red exist.
    It would suck to buy the the black one and come across a large red later on :sad:

    Kouki, I just look on the Chanel site and don't see it. Would you happen to remember where you saw it?
  6. I saw the red flap at SCP yesterday on the display shelf. It has gold h/w though.
  7. Clk, was it the large red flap?
    Did you like the way it looked with the gold hw?