i need your help desperately on miss boxe wedge in leather!

  1. i lost the auction last night on eBay and feel really depressed about it.

    please if someone see a pair pops up or knows where i can find a pair in size 38/38.5/39, let me know! thank you so very much!:heart:

    i am banging my head against the wall for returning the pair i bought from Saks!! argh!

    please help me!:okay:
  2. I'll keep an eye out for you :yes: Actually I too sort of regret not getting those back when they were first released. Then Nicole Richie started wearing them everywhere and of course the next thing you know they're sold-out everywhere. The design is so simple & understated but it sure is a closet staple that goes with a lot of outfits.
  3. I like them too. These and the Mrs. Wallis are the last two styles I am missing.