I need your help deciding what to do

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  1. Oh my gosh, What if I found that maybe, just maybe my VN 35cm Birkin was just not getting as much use due to it's size...and started craving a smaller bag..say a VN 30cm Birkin ... And What if, just maybe I had to make a choice between the two? Or is it crazy to have two bags in my same beloved leather but different sizes? Anyone waiver about which size really works for them?
    On one hand I would really like and I might add "kinda Needa smaller bag for day to day casual days"
    I have also located a gorgeous VN Kelly 28cm which is gorgous but maybe a tad small?
    I think the Birkin 35cm looks correct for what it is "a Tote"
    I thinkthe Kelly 28cmlooks correctfor what it is " a handbag"
    But the Birkin 30cm is what? a Totey-handbag?
    I like the ease of getting into and out of a Birkin vs a Kelly ,but if you are enjoying a day or evening there really isn't any rush..so that's a non issue.
    Please voteand help me figure this out...

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Hmmmmm...tough one.
    It also depends on your size. I would look ridiculous carrying a 40 unless I were traveling.
    It is not crazy to have multiple styles in the same leather. Look at all of us who have LVs. :yes: Same ol' monogram or damier, different styles of bags.
    I would go ahead and get the 30 to try out. You can, errrr, always sell her if she doesn't suit you. :whistle:
  3. your 35 is a work of ART!

    i think 28 is too small

    what is your feeling on 32 HAC?
  4. ^^^And I was going to suggest a 32 HAC, but do not know how tall you are!
    It is why I chose it; I wanted something in between the 30 and 35. The 32 looks like a tote on me.:tup:
  5. I have already done the HAC 32cm and HAC 36cm :o)
    I do LOVE my 35cm VN...but, maybe I could use a 30cm?
    Oh,BTW,I am 5'6" and 125#
  6. I would not do a 30 cm Birkin, it doesn't look right to me.
  7. #7 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Doc, if I were you I would not get rid of the 35. I love a 35 and do have a 30 Togo Birkin and feel like it is soooo small. It's just seems tiny to me. I think it's a good size to have as a 2nd Birkin but I wouldn't recommend it being your only one, particularly since you are already used to a 35.

    I always enjoy carrying my 35 more as I love its commanding presence. I'm not a Kelly girl at all. I had the 32, as you may recall. It holds less than the 30 Birkin. The 30 Birkin is plenty large for everything I want to carry but the 32 Kelly would not hold both a GM and PM Karo unless I stood one up on its side, which I don't like to do.

    SOooo, I'm not sure how much help this is but I've seen some fab 30's in Barenia... what about trying that to be a little different from your 35 VN.

  8. Well, in that case, you're all set! ;)
    If you are wanting to try a 30, then you should!
  9. The 28cm Kelly sounds really gorgeous :P I have a 28 and use it loads, but then, I do like smaller handbags.
    I know what you mean about the 30 Birkin, its sort of in-between, but that would be my own personal choice, but I actually prefer the proportions of the 35.
    The 28cm Kelly, would be very different to your 35 Birkin, and could work well for you, on days that you dont need to carry so much stuff with you.
  10. maybe try the 30cm...and if you use that alot...sell the 35cm?

    and no...that leather is special...having several bags in it...is good!

    if you locate a 35cm Kelly PM ME! :smile:
  11. You should get the bag you want. If you want a bag in the exact same color and leather, but just in a smaller size, you should get what you want----it is not crazy.:smile:
  12. I am same height as you, and I love my 30s! Of course I love my 35s too. And now I am planning try the 32 HAC. ;)
  13. heh. I was thinking of getting a blue jean kelly, but thought that might be overkill because I already have a blue jean birkin... and yet, when I think of colors that I want, all I can come up with is blue jean... :shrugs:

    In the end, I think if VN is your fave fave fave leather, and you need/want a smaller bag, you should definitely get the 30 cm. BUT, you should also keep the 35 cm... you may feel like you don't use it much these days, but once you don't have it anymore, you might realize how much you miss it... kwim?

  14. I so agree with this. Well said!
  15. Doc, I don't think there is anything wrong with having two bags in the same type leather, especially if you love that leather (like you do for VN). It is very difficult for me, too, to figure out what leather in what size suits my needs. However, I truly hope that you don't have to make a decision between your 35 and a new 30 VN Birkin. It would be much better for you to try out the 30 Birkin (or the 28 Kelly) and then decide what works for you best. :smile:
    In other words, if there is any way for you to do this, don't eliminate the 35 until you know how you feel about the other bag. It would be tragic if you ended up with no bag that you were happy with. JMHO