I need your help! (College related)


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Jul 3, 2006
Ladies and gentlemen of the Purse forum, I desperately need your help.

I am an English student just completing his thesis. The topic is "Americans in Europe" and analyses fiction by Henry James and Edith Wharton.

As English is my third language, I need a couple of English native speaker to read and correct, if necessary, said thesis. Of course, I won't ask you kind people to read all of it, but only one sub-chapter per person. There are eight of them, and each sub-chapter consists of 5 to 15 pages maximum, Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, 3 cm margin on each side.

So would anyone be pleeease be so kind and volunteer to read a couple of pages and then correct any grammar and style mistakes? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Pm me if you have questions and if you want to help me.
Nov 8, 2006
i love henry james. i wish he'd write short sentences though... LOL

you speak alot of languages for this to be your third language.

I can give it a shot if you want to send me one of the shorter chapters, preferably in the 5 - 10 pages range =)

congrats on getting your thesis done!


Nov 12, 2006
I'd love to help read one of the chapters and correct it. I love the topic! I just turned in my senior thesis (undergrad) a month and a half ago and won a graduation award for it. I'm pming you my email address. :yes:


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Mar 31, 2006
How soon do you need it back?

I will be taking a very long flight tommorow night and will be glad to work on a chapter for you, but might not be able to email it back until Wednesday or Thursday.