I need your help - Blueberry First or Day?

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  1. I have a greige and a black city. I am in love with the blueberry color and would love a city in this style as well but I think it's sold out everywhere. According to their website, AR has the First and the Day bags in blue roi - which I think is blueberry, right? I am afraid that if I don't buy one now, I'll miss out on this color completely and will always regret it. I prefer larger bags usually so functionally, I think the Day is better for me. BUT the First seems to have more details. What should I do?
  2. I think the leather and color are especially nice in the blueberry first. But I also think a blueberry day would be beautiful and it sounds like you would get more use out of it. (I'd like to get one myself if possible).

    Neiman Marcus SF recently had a city (see the thread in Achtung). If you really want a city you could check there.

    Sorry to complicate matters more, but I saw a blueberry twiggy today (Gretta Luxe, Wellesley, MA) that was stunning, with nice dark consistent color. I wish it was a style that worked for me.

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. OMG, thanks CITYCHRIS! I live in the Bay Area so maybe I'll go check out the Blueberrys at SF NM in person!

    Also, a Blueberry twiggy is something I hadn't considered. I like the twiggy style also! Maybe I need a differnt style since I have 2 cities. Now I don't know what to do!
  4. ^^ my vote's for the blueberry first :wlae:
  5. A blueberry first would be berry nice but you can't go wrong with either choice, it is win-win! :love:
  6. Blueberry is a beautiful color but If u already have two citeis, then go for the twiggy!!! add some fun to ur closet...

    also if u missed it, blueberry pops up now and then on eBay, don't worry :smile:
  7. ^^ here's my ex-blueberry twiggy :smile:
  8. :tender: :love: :heart:

    sngo - I think the blueberry would look great in any size, but looking at aaa's former twiggy, it looks FANTASTIC in that style! :nuts:
  9. i love the look of the dark colors in smaller bags. So i would stay away from the day. Being that i love my blueberry box, i would vote for the twiggy!!!!!
  10. If you like bigger bags I would go for the day. I really would like to get one myself. It seems to be a great casual bag I tried it on and prefer it to the twiggy.
  11. I think you should get the day.
  12. aaallabama what happend to this bag; the color is gorgeous!!! :drool:
  13. I think if you can find the city then go for that. If you can't find it then I would suggest you go for the day bag since you prefer larger bags. :smile: But have you tried on the day before? I like the look of the first more but I would never get it because it would be too small for me (the city is the smallest I can go anymore). I checked with Aloha Rag a week ago and although they did not tell me the exact quantity they said they have a lot of day bags in blueberry but I don't know about the first. Perhaps you can see what the selection is if you are particular about your leather. :yes:
  14. I totally agree! You have just helped me to make up my mind! I am looking for a blueberry or ink in the First - love your work!
  15. The first. It really does hold quite a bit.
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