I need YOUR help! Apple Green City OR Turq 04 Twiggy???

  1. Hi girls..

    i'm in a huge dilemma, i just got a rose 04 weekender and an apple green city.... i paid heaps for these 2.. and i love them.. but now that I'm on a BBAG Ban.. i can't buy another one unless i sell one of the ones i have..

    the candidate to go = Apple green 05 city...

    SHOULD I LET IT GO SO I CAN GET THAT gorgeous 04 Turqoise Twiggy??

    My thoughts
    I think i like both colours equally, although i think the apple green might suit me better cuz i'm more a BRIGHT coloured person as opposed to a pastel coloured person.

    But i prefer the twiggy or work/weekender sizes only, the city doesn't seem to suit me very well.... the Work is my city bag because i'm 5"7. and the twiggy is my "pochette"-ish bag.. the city is not here nor there for me..

    Apple green is so hard to come by.. turqoise 04 as well....

    I'm afraid that if I get the turq when i still had my apple green, i would keep both and my DH will disown me. :shrugs: :hysteric:

    WHAT TO DO??????

    HELP ME DECIDE!!! I have less than a day left to make my decision....
  2. awww waterfallsyour DH sounds like mine. he wants me to relax with the handbags for a bit. i keep saying i promise but find a new obsession right after so i keep breaking my promise. now he wont even believe me until i show him. :yucky:

    anyways, as for your dilemma...i think you are making the right decision in selling off the apple green city. yes, you'll probably miss it & regret it a bit. but like you said, the style (not color) doesn't suit you well. the turq is also a bright color - bright enough to match a bright personality! plus it's the size you prefer. both ARE hard to come by, but if you could only choose one, then i'd say go for the turq. it's more practical for your preferences.
  3. I vote apple green, it's such a beautiful color, and so rare to find in the city. I'd hold on to it.
  4. Find a way to keep the apple green - it's such a coveted color..and in city at that :yes: and get the turq. also it's such a beautiful color!
  5. I think you should keep the apple green city...it sounds like it suits you and it is such an AMAZING color. The turqouise is beautiful, I know, but if you have to choose, I think you should pick apple green. It's a hard decision; good luck! I don't think you can lose though! :smile:
  6. waterfalls i totally LOVE the apple green!!! but if you're saying that this SIZE does not sit on your properly then go for the Turq 04 twiggy... i mean later on you might find an apple green in a twiggy or work (fingerscrossed) all the best with what you decide! dont worry about your DH disowning you... the PF will always be here for ya!!!
  7. hm....tough choice. if you feel the city doesn't quite suit you then go for the turqoise twiggy. i love the 04 leather better too. if possible, try to talk your DH in letting you keep both:P

    good luck!
  8. i would gp for the apple green, i'm not a big fans of twiggy style anyway. so apple green city for me :P
  9. I'd sell the apple city and get the 04 turq twiggy myself!
  10. Hey girls!

    I just got home and am so happy to find all your wonderful responses...

    my DH actually used photoshop to alter my desktop (which has pictures of my dog, my family, and petra nemcova for inspiration..eheh).. then he added this BIG RED "SHOPPING BAN TILL 20th OCT!" over all the pics... pretty nice touch i must say... hehehe ... but also. RUDE!!! =P

    I still can't decide!!!

    Everytime i look at the apple green i'll go nutsy over the colour.... =(.. somehow the turq twiggy is a little "faded"..

    can anyone tell me whether the turq 04 in real life is more GREEN or blue? from 1 to 10 (1 being sky blue, and 10 being seafoam)
  11. OMG waterfalls .... that's a really hard decision :hysteric: - - - I LOVE the apple green so much ... but I also like the '05 turquoise :nuts: :yes: - I can't help, I'm so sorry :crybaby:
  12. I would say that the '05 turquoise is more blue than green, IMO :yes:

  13. Oops.. firstclass.. i was debating the TURQ 04.. and the apple green.. =)

    i have the turq 05 in work size.. but havent seen the turq 04 in real life yet.. =)

  14. Ohhhh SORRYYYYYYYYY :shame: . . . but ok - I have the '04 turquoise city and this color is 'more' green than blue :yes: !!! Sorry again hun :flowers:
  15. I'll go for the apple green, I prefer much more the city size than the twiggy