I need your help! Any books/articles to suggest for my 'Luxury-themed' thesis?

  1. Dear fellow tPFers,

    I am currently a fourth-year student studying for my undergrad degree, with my passion for luxury products (bags, cars, you name it), I decided to write my thesis by using brand name as my core focus. However, I'm still in the brainstorming phase and have not decide which exact and specific direction to write about (maybe the chain reactions and the mass becoming materialistic..perhaps consumer behavior?) and need to do a massive amount of research. I have found a few books that might be useful for my research..such as the well-known:

    Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster
    by Dana Thomas


    Luxury Fever: Money and Happiness in an Era of Excess
    by Robert H. Frank

    I'm studying in a university in Japan, that's why I have to use Amazon Japan :push:

    Suggestions (about my thesis, books, articles, anything!) greatly appreciated!!!

    TIA :tup:
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  3. I was going to suggest the first one too. How about Louis Vuitton Japan: The Building Of Luxury by Kyojiro Hata.