I need your help and advice......which bag should i get????

  1. I have a 600 pound budget to buy a LV bag, which is around 1200 dollars. I was thinking of getting the monogram carryall, but do you think that it is too big to be used as an everyday bag?

    If so, alternatively, which bag do you think I should get that i can use both for work and for casual outings.
  2. i wish i had 600 to spend! im currently trying to decide which bag to buy for my first LV and its making my head hurt!
  3. The Carryall does seem too big to use as an everyday bag...

    How about the Cabas Mezzo or Batignolles Horizontal?

    Welcome to tPF btw! ;)
  4. Welcome! And yes, I'd go with the Mezzo or Batignolles Horizontal for a daily bag, the Carryall is boxy and will get too heavy.
  5. You can get lots of nice LV bags for £600!
    Carryall is a bit too big for day imo, what about the speedy 35 if you like larger bags, or the BH for the day.
    Oh the saleya in damier is a great bag, perfect for day and night! And you can choose azur or ebene xx
    Welcome xx
  6. If you like the look of the carryall, why not consider the Deauville? It is around your budget and is not too big. Goodluck and update us!!!
  7. Firstly, thank-you for your replies and for the nice welcome :smile:.

    Another question for y'all....what's the name of the bag on the very left and is it still sold, cause I didn't see it on the lv website.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. It looks like the Babylone to me. My friend has one. I believe it has been discontinued but I bet if you call 866 they can get one for you. There is surely some stock out there.

    Good luck!
  9. The speedy 30 is a practical and popular bag. If you look at the celebrities and their LV pics you'll see that you can dress that bag up or down. Another personal favorite of mine is the papillon 30, which you can carry hand held or on your shoulder and it comes with the cutest pochette attached to it for money,cards or make-up. Have fun and post some pics when you make your purchase.
  10. I like the speedy, my only issue with it is that it doesn't keep its shape very well if its not totally full. On the other hand, you got me thinking of the papillon, that's definetely on my shortlist now.
  11. I would go for the speedy 30, it is a very nice classic piece. At the same time you can get yourself a wallet with the money left over.
  12. You can put a cardboard inside the bag from sagging.
  13. thanks for the advice.:smile:
  14. speedy AND a wallet to go with it
    there are so many lines to choose from
    mono, damier, epi, mini lin....
    have fun and let us know what you got~
  15. I have the Cabbas Mezzo and I love that bag! I use it more than any other bag. It holds tons and is lightweight. The Batignolles is also a nice bag. I know the Lv near me still has the Babylone in stock even though it is discontinued so you may find it. Good luck. Let us know what you pick and don't forget to show us pics.