I need your help - again...

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  1. So I haven´t bought anything from LV for almost a year. Nothing I really want it seems. But lately I´ve come to think of the Berkeley ebene..

    But I already have the Berkeley azur ( my only azur bag) the Duomo and the Trevi PM - so what do you guys think? Will it be too much to get the Berkeley ebene as well? :thinking:

    I´ve never thought I would be one to get the same bag in different colours, but it is just growing on me right now :sweatdrop:

    Be honest! :smile:
  2. I don't own two LV's in different colors but I do have two Mulberry Mabels (gold and black) and two Burberry Manors (burgundy patent and black) and they all have their own special places in my heart:love:
  3. How much do you use the Berkeley azur? Do you like the shape of the bag, and does it carry well? If this is bag that you love, I think getting it in another print is fine! If you only use it occasionly, then I would pick something else.
  4. Uhh, another Mulberry girl :biggrin:

    So what you´re saying is that it can work?

    Speaking of Mulberry - I actually have the Elgin and Tyler both in olive, but I´m thinking about selling the Tyler. I don´t use it very often, it is too small for my daily needs I guess... But that´s two different bags.
  5. If you really love the shape and functionality of the Berkeley that you now have, the ebene may be a good addition to your collection since it is a darker color and has a different feel than the azur. If that makes sense.
  6. Good point!

    I don´t use my Berkeley as much as my Trevi right now - but thats mostly bc of Winther and all the snow we´re having right now. I would use a Berkeley ebene more, I guess.

    I love the look of the bag - the shape, the gold plate and the two pockets and the red interiour. It´s soooo elegant!
  7. ^^Then in that case, it wouldn't be a waste of money because it's already a style that works for you. Which is what counts the most, go for it.

  8. I agree!
  9. If you really like the Berkeley, why not get the Ebene!? Hvorfor ikke!? Go play at the boutique, maybe there is something that you have not noticed before. GL deciding.
  10. It sounds like you really like the Berkeley and don't use your Azur right now because of the weather, I would definitely go for the Berkeley in Ebene in that case! I've owned several of the same style of bags in different colors (Balenciaga city:smile:) and loved them all. If you like the style there's nothing wrong with getting it in a few different patterns. I only have one alma right now but plan on getting more, LOVE the style!
  11. Du har jo ret;)

    Thx you guys. You don´t think getting a third daimer ebene handheld bag is too much?
  12. It does, thx :smile:

    I guess it is a different feel than the azur bc the pattern and the handles are dark and the interiour is red where the azur´s is the beige we know from most bags...
  13. I use my Trevi more on my shoulder than as a handbag, so you could consider it a shoulder bag. As far as the Berkeley - they are a very different color. If you love it - get it! I have two mono speedies (25 and 30) and a Damier Speedy - as I love the style.

    It's no different if you love the Berkeley and can afford it!
  14. You´re so right! ;)

    I need to go the store and see it irl :biggrin:
  15. I would not get the same bag in a different material. I think you need to visit the boutique and try on some bags. You state that you own 3 LV bags--I am sure if you tried on more you could easily love many more.