I need your help again. TIA!

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  1. Hi,

    I have these bags on hold for me. I have already searched through the reference threads to identify them and I only had luck with the MC flap (pic1). Could anyone please help me identify the other purses?

    Also, does anyone know what the current price is for the modern chain flap and your thoughts on it?

    As for the other purses, your opinions on how they look will be much appreciated too. I'm planning on getting 1 or 2 of them for my mom.

    Thanks again. I would be so forever grateful for any info, advice, and opinions you can share.


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  2. I don't know anything about the 2nd and 3rd bags, but I just saw the last bag in pink showed up on bluefly.com this morning with 20% discount. It was approx. $950.

    Judging from the photos, I like the 2nd tote the most.
  3. I like 1 and 4 the best...
  4. Bretiny... Wow... I didn't even realize that BF carried Chanel purses until today. Thanks for the tip!

    jfhave.. thank you! The first bag, if I get it, is to be for me :smile:... I'm choosing among bags #2-4 for my mom. I am leaning towards #4 because it looked simple and conservative (just like my mom!:smile:. Thank you for your opinion!
  5. I love bag #3 myself, but I think #4 might be more suitable for a lady with a daughter old enough to be buying Chanels for her. :biggrin: Such a neutral color would go with lots of outfits, too.
  6. For a mom I would say # 2 or # 4.
  7. I am a mom, and a grandmom...ROFL, I have #4, use it only once in a while...it is not big enough for daily use for me, although very pretty....I would prefer #2 for myself.....Good luck, and I am sure your mom will love any bag you give her:heart:H
  8. I like #2.
  9. Just one more thought....have you considered a GST for your mom?:heart:H
  10. Thank you so much ladies! I heard about the upcoming price increases... can anyone say which styles are affected, besides the classic flaps? They're selling me the MC flap (pic#1) for $1525. Is this a good price? I was also planning on getting the wallet on a chain. I don't know yet how much that one is. Are these due for price increases?

    I'm terribly sorry for the hundred questions. I'm new to Chanel and really want to add some to my collection before the prices go up.

    Thanks so much!