i need your "gaucho" help!

  1. hello girls! this is my first post and i am really excited. tomorrow my mum will buy me a black gaucho. i am so confused:confused1: because i really dont know whether i should go for the medium tote or the shoulder gaucho. so i would really appeciate your helppp!!! plz!!!
    dior gaucho tote.jpg sienna.JPG
  2. it really depends on your style - I am a bigger fan of the shoulder gauchos. I have a black double and love it.

    I bought the red tote and returned it because it was too awkward to carry. Didn't really stay on my shounder, too bulky for arm carry...
  3. personal opinion here, but i find the gauchos to be rather heavy (though not as heavy as some other bags) so as a matter of personal preference, i just like it as a shoulder bag since it's easy to carry it around that way instead of the tote which is more of a hand-carry thing. i think the tote would fit on the shoulders of some, but it just sat funnily on mine.

    the best thing is to prolly head down to the store and take your time to try the two different styles on to see which fits you better.

    enjoy your trip and don't forget to post pictures of your new purchase! ;)
  4. That's a tough one - I have the black medium shoulder gaucho and love it but the totes are gorgeous as well. For me I carry alot of satchel bags so the shoulder bag was a different style and I love it. You can't go wrong with either choice. Good luck on your choice and post pics!
  5. thank you soooo much girls. the truth is that i had tried only the off white medium tote- it was really beautiful but i wanted a black gaucho but only this and a navy (really huge) messenger gaucho were left. last night i saw dior boutique's vitrine and they had almost all black gauchos. so..i'll go try them both and i'll send u pics! (i think i prefer the shoulder one...)
    thank u sooooo much!;)
  6. well...i just bought the bag...(i will post pics soon)- i went to athens dior boutique but the only shoulder gauchos they had were some zipped ones... it was the first time i saw them ( neither dior.com nor e-lux have pics of this model.)..anyway, i would prefer the one you all know but i couldnt wait (the assistant told me that they didn't know if and when they would bring it again). so...it is not a tote, it is a black shoulder gaucho but zipped. i hope that i won't regret it!:crybaby:

  7. what is the return policy in your boutique ? do you have some time to see if you like the bag and then give it back? you dont really sound like you´re in love with the bag and i think for that amount of money you should be ! :smile:
  8. ^ I agree! I'm sure it's a beautiful bag, but only pay for what you absolutely LOVE!
  9. i know you are right girls and i usually buy bags i absolutely adore! since there was no other bag that i liked better in dior boutique, i decided to keep it...and actually i am starting to like it- i really want to post pics soon and tell me your opinion! i think (and hope) you will find it cute :heart:...