I need your expertise please :)

  1. I have a few designer bags..like black gucci, orange, DG bag, leather kooba bag, and a denim CD bag.. I'm ready to get another and wondering if I should get the versatile LV speedy, or this white burberry bag.. please help me and let me know what you think!
  2. i would choose the speedy over the burberry bag. the burberry bag is very cute and everything, its just that i would be worried about the color white. also i feel the speedy is easier to match. i hope this helps!
  3. speedy!
  4. I would definitely go for the speedy.
  5. Speedy...more of a classic style...practical also as that pure white Burberry could spell trouble down the road in keeping it pure white...also, I'm true to LV!
  6. I am going with the speedy!
  7. LV speedy, no question! Way more versatile and I think it will hold up better over time.
  8. wait.. but what do you guys think about the new white speedy??