I need your expert advise ......... please

  1. My next big acquisition will be a 30cm Birkin. Like a lot of people, I'd like to get a pretty neutral color. Since my Kelly is black I'm thinking I'd like to get a Birkin in cognac or gold. I know I definitely want Chevre and palladium hardware. What color do you recommend for a 30cm Chevre Birkin? I'm thinking cognac. Is it even available? I also like gold but how would it look with palladium HW? Are there any other colors you would recommend in this color family that looks really rich in Chevre? I'd really like to hear your feedback because I value your opinions. :P
  2. For gold Birkin, it looks better with gold HW in my opinion. Acually, my SA said it, too. I have togo 30cm Birkin with gold HW, which I love it sooo much! Chevre would be great, too. On chevre, colors some out more deeper, dominant and vibrant than other leathers.
  3. I think both would be absolutely beautiful. Any color looks amazing in chevre. FOr instance, a black togo is great, but in chevre, it is absolutely stunning! It just makes any color look that much richer and more divine!!!! The hard part is finding a chevre birkin. But if you do, it is a treasure!

    I also love gold with palladium hw- in fact, I would love a gold with white stitching and pall hw! Such a great combo!

    Good luck with your birkin hunt Kat! I hope you find one soon!
  4. I'm not a Birkin gal, but I have to admit, with the specs you gave, I'd LOVE it in Marron Fonce with pall h/w - but you already have a black Kelly, so pehaps Marron Fonce would be too dark???

    I like the "paler" gold colours - what is your colouring, Kat? and what colours do you wear??
  5. exactly my thoughts :flowers:
  6. Aspenmartial - thanks for your feedback
    Jag - gold with white stitching sounds great - very wearable!
    Kristie - I'm not familiar with Marron Fonce:shame: but I will research it. I have a pretty fair complexion. I pretty much wear every color. I'm not too hung up on colors.
  7. So I guess cognac would be a better choice with palladium hardware, huh?
  8. Kat - it looks like dark chocolate - it's delicious! But I just looked at cognac, and I think that's beautiful!!
  9. CHeck out Baggaholics latest birkin- it was a Marron Fonce Fjord Birkin- the color is truly amazing!

    Also this is an auction with a gold birkin with palladium hw for your reference
  10. Kat....take a browse through the Luxwear web-site for tons of birkins in all colors to get an idea of what colors you might like. It's a fun site....be careful though, you'll be drooling!
  11. Finding a Chevre Birkin is tough to begin with, but in gold, cognac or Marron it's doubly hard. If it's meant to be, it will find you! I personally adore palladium and think it brings a fresh, modern edge to the gold leather color. My personal opinion, also, is that the Hermes gold looks a little better in Togo than in Chevre - it's more yellow in chevre and more of a classic British Tan in Togo. That being said, I'd shoot for Marron Fonce or Cognac (may have to be a special order) with palladium HW in Chevre.
    With Togo, you have more options and it will be easier to get.
  12. Thanks again Kristie and Jag.
    Thanks Shopmom for the heads-up on Luxwear. I'm going to check it out.
  13. FYI- Kat, the ebay link I posted is Luxwear's listing, so it will take you to her website as well.
  14. Thanks for your feedback, Greentea. I've heard that togo is a bit heavy, which does not appeal to me. Thanks for the info about the gold color in chevre versus togo. My first choice is cognac. I'm going to check out Baggaholics bag in Marron Fonce too. I know availability can be a problem. I have two sources that have told me they can get me any bag I want when I'm ready. It sounds too good to be true but we'll see. If anyone can get a hard to get item it would be these two people, so I'll see what they can do for me.