i need your expert advice/help!

  1. my BV collection consists of 2 medium venetas, one large veneta and a medium cabat. i recently gave away my campana (more like she really wants it and just took it :graucho:)

    so i am in the market for an ebano ________

    can you fill in the blank for me? i need a shoulder bag. or anything you can come up with. i am open to suggestions.

    and bottom line is, the bag can't be small. i find the medium veneta quite small. ;)

    thanks lovely ladies and gentlemen :wlae:
  2. Catabie, how about a Sloane? Have you tried it on before? I love the shape but it just feels a little too bulky for a shoulder bag.
  3. I think that you should look into the T. Moro pyramid. I love the shape of the pyramid. It holds a lot without being too overwhelming on. The SA in the Fifth Ave. store told me that T. Moro is just like ebano, but called something different because of the difference in the napa and the napa umbria.
  4. java_addict i do love the sloane but my SA just called me and said Sloane doesnt come in ebano:confused1::confused1:

    i was shocked too. is that true?

    i like the shape of the sloane and how i can swing on the shoulder quite easily. I have tried it before in NM and thought it did come in ebano.

    anyone has an ebano sloane?
  5. tibu is the T. Moro a new color? do you happen to have a picture of what it looks like? TIA!
  6. catabie, I thought Sloane is available in Ebano... or probably it is in Moro?
    There is a bag called "Cervo Hobo" on page 69 in the catalog. It is cute! :p
    It looks a little bit on the small side though...
  7. catabie-i don't think the sloane comes in ebano because i don't think ebano is a nappa umbria color but moro is. i heard the sloane may be redone in ottone and that would be fabulous.
    if you want ebano, i got this bag from nm but they also have it in the boutique. there is some debate about whether it is cervo nature or goat. i didn't keep it because it was huge for me but i did think it is really different and you already have a lot of the woven bags. i also love goat and the mix of woven and non woven. i also like the multiple handles. it is available in ebano and nero. i like that it is a little different for bv. this picture is either from nm or Saks on line. don't know if this appeals to you but take a look.
    capra nature .jpg
  8. Catabie I could not discern any real difference when I had the T. Moro Pyramid next to an Ebano bag. The SA told me that they really are the same color, but that Ebano is the designation for napa and that T. Moro is essentially the same, but for the napa umbria.

    I have been wanting to get a bag in Ebano, but I may just get T. Moro Pyramid since it appears to be the same color and I fell in love with the style.
  9. I vote for the campana or montaigne :heart:
  10. How about the Ball bag? Or is that too similar to the Venetas? That's quite comfortable on the shoulder.
  11. I'm going to throw my vote in for the Moro pyramid. I was there when Jane bought hers and fell in love with it! Color-wise, it seems to just be a little bit darker.
  12. Did you have the medium or large campana? If you had the medium campana and gave it away, how about the large campana? I like the idea of the sloane too, edgy and just a bit different, but still a nice slouchy hobo shape. So it doesn't come in ebano, but sloane in ferro is delish...
  13. Get the pyramid, you won't regret it :smile:

    I prefer it to the Sloane, by a lot.
  14. if you like bigger bags, the pyramid.

    the campana could work too. it holds alot
  15. I would say the Campana (large since you prefer big) in Ebano. Campana is really such a classic of BV and its really easy to wear (and would be great since you have a child now). Another suggestion is the Pyramid in Moro. But the size is more compact. You can check out the Colours stick thread above for a comparison of Ebano and Moro. Moro is a deep dark brown that is almost black. Have fun deciding and let us know your decision. :heart: