i need your diamond expertise...

  1. I'm just looking at the Tiffany's website and saw a pair of round brilliant diamond studs, .34 ctw, color grade I, clarity grade VS2 set in platinum for $1500 +tax and whatever and comes with certificate of guarantee.

    do you guys think that would be a good buy?? I currently have a pair of studs of .25ctw and really want a bigger diamond stud (am thinking 1.0 ctw) but I'm more about details than bigger diamonds...I mean if they're small and sparkle lots that's okay with me than if they are big and don't sparkle..kwim??

    anyway I hope you can help me out. I will probably inquire with a jeweller when I'm pretty close to purchase but want to go in with a bit of knowledge than just a sitting duck.

    Anyway, I'm almost in my mid 20's so I don't really need something to be blingin' just want it to be classic that would last me a lifetime (or half a lifetime until it's time to upgrade..lol) any suggestions and comments would be welcome :smile:
  2. Have you looked at WhiteFlash?

    3-prong 'Martini' Diamond Earrings--READY SET TO GO

    I have ordered jewelry from them in the past and it has never had any problems. They're great to work with... I think others have on this board, as have many others on Pricescope.com

    If you want larger for the same amount, because it doesn't have the Tiffany name attached to it, then I'd look here.
  3. ^ I agree. Unless you are set on Tiffany, you'll do so much better w/ another vendor. Pricescope has many vendors to choose from and you can buy pre-set or select your own stones. Even Blue Nile has better prices if you don't want to go through the hassle of selecting your own stones. I'm also of the opinion that you can go into the SI range for studs (even rings, for me), unless of course, you are a person that wants the VS or VVS range. I think some well cut stones that are in the I-1 range as to clarity could work as studs. Some will disagree w/ me though, but just personal preference. You would need to see the I clarity stones though or get the jeweler's opinion as to clarity, just like some SI2 stones.
  4. ^^ ooh..thanks elizat and Blue824..I will check those sites out. I'm not really set on Tiffany but am using those stats as a benchmark as to what I'm looking for.

    I'd have to see the stone in person if it's in the lower range of clarity but very well cut, my personal preference would be above the SI range for this particular piece (I'm planning to buy it for myself for my champagne birthday) and would like it to be a bit special (not that SI or I pieces aren't special, it's just that I already have them). When I pick up my hoop earrings I will inquire with the jeweller too about studs and ask him.
  5. I'd definitely look for SI stones, you cannot see any imperfections while looking at them face on, if you're set on getting better clarity then you'll definitely sacrifice size/carat weight.
    Tiffanty is great but I completely agree w/ the others, you're paying a premium for a name and no one will ever know but you.
    I'd looke for H or I color, SI clarity and ideal/excellent cut:yes:

  6. ooh thanks SWanky..that's the info I was looking for. The diamond hoops I'm about to get are SI quality, not sure about the color though...and they're .5 ctw so I'm pretty excited about them! :yahoo:
  7. it's freaks people out, but on your ears that size you could go to J really.
    Very well cut stones do not show color at that level from the top, only the sides. . . and who's looking from the sides!?:biggrin:
  8. I would also go somewhere else as everyone is suggesting,the size increase you mention,well,it won't really look any bigger tbh, I did this when I started up grading mine and its only when you go an appreciable size up can you really tell. I ended up going from .25's each,then .34's then .50 and then eventually up to .75's,that I am finally happy with,a lot of messing about inbetween though!!

    So if you put your cash to a different brand,and as Swanky says,go for H,SI and even down to I/J color you'll get a fab pair!!

    Its a pain in thr backside to keep upgrading,and you can lose an awful lot of cash in the process,I was in the trade so I was lucky in that respect,I just wished I had gone the extra bit,maybe flattened myself a little more financially to get the size I have now(you don't stay skint forever!!) I spent all the time I owned the previous ones wishing they were bigger!!!
  9. Definitely recommend Whiteflash. They have preset Ready Set to Go stud earrings which have Expert Selection diamonds which have an excellent cut, and often SI clarity and mid range colour. This takes the hard work out of choosing a matching pair, so that is how I would proceed. The only thing is, the RSG aren't upgradable, so I don't know if that is a consideration for you?
  12. I don't know if you're a Costco member, but you should check out their diamonds. They have a .48 ctw pair of studs, set in platinum, VS2 or better, I color or better, for $870. I realize that it may not be the most glamorous place to purchase diamonds, but they have really good diamonds. I have a pair of princess cut hoops that are just unbelievable, they're white and sparkle like crazy. It's worth looking at. Plus, you have no problems if you need to return them.
  13. ^^ ohh..good to know...i'm not a member but my bf's family is I can ask to go there or something. thanks!
  14. Jill, you can go on their website, too, just to look at some of the things they carry, it's costco.com. Lotsa nice stuff!
  15. just an UPDATE: I found a pair of earrings at my local jewellry store, theire .64 ctw (.22 in each ear) VS and E color for $1199. I put the earrings against my ear to see and I like the size of it..i might want to go a tad up. They did have another pair..I think it was .75ish or something VS also not sure about color for $1800+.

    are those prices okay? just as a benchmark...thanks :smile: