I need your assitance ladies.! WhicH LV purse should I buy?

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am completely new to the site. I hope that you guys can assist me with this.

    My birthday is coming up and my husband agree to would buy me a new LV purse as long as it didnt exceed $1100.

    I already own 3 LV pures (Popincourt, Speedy, & the mini looping). All in the monogram canvas.

    I am confused I like a few purses but I dont know which one to get. I am 5'7 so ussually I like the big purses. Any suggestions?
  2. Damier Neverfull (a change from Mono) or Monogram Monty Gm (if you really like mono):choochoo:
  3. Thanks KJOYISS! I acutally had those two in mind! Do you think Damier NV is nicer then Monty GM?
  4. Galliera PM...in azur.
  5. Damier NF or Azur Galliera. Both will add some nice variety to your collection.
  6. Something in VERNIS!!! Something different than the Mono you already have.
  7. Montorgueil or Palermo
  8. I like the vernis rosewood, NV damier, I don't know what else! The Galliera goes over my budget!
  9. speedy in azur!!!, theres no such thing as too many speedies!!
  10. Another vote for the Damier Neverfull or Pomme Rosewood. I have both and they are both GREAT bags
  11. How exciting! How about Vernis Rosewood $960 (or) Saleya PM or Hampstead PM in Damier Azur or Ebene both are $1,040. That will keep you in your budget!
  12. I would get the Damier NF and a wallet!
  13. Personally, I like the NF Damier more than the Monty Gm. But that's because I prefer the Damier line. No vachetta, no stress!

    I think you should get the NF Damier. It will give you a little more variation in your collection. Besides, I think the Mono bags you already have (Speedy, Mini Looping, and Popincourt) are super cuter and more classic than the Monty Gm.

    For the record, my BFF has both the Damier NF and the Monty Gm and uses the NF more. She thinks the NF is more comfortable than the Monty. But that's what she says. Hope that helps.:P
  14. Totally agree:tup:
  15. Mono Neverfull gm