I need your advise...wich bag ?

  1. Hi !

    I hope you will help me choose my next LV bag.

    I have many Chloé ( Silverado, Paddington, etc ) but they aren't very practical for every day use ( I hope you understand my very bad english :sad: ).

    So I want to buy a LV bag but I don't which one :confused1:

    I don't know if I should buy the perforated speedy ( I have the shoes and I always try and love to match the bag with the shoes ) or the classic speedy one.

    I read your threads and it seems that the speedy is very practical...is it right ?

    I put a lot of things in my bag but I would like one not too heavy and practical.

    What do you think for a Suhali one ? Are they good for every day ?

    I hope you will help me:rolleyes:

    Have a nice day :heart:
  2. hi there :smile:. yes speedy is good. very light on its own and very roomy! but just a thought if u are carrying alot of stuff maybe a shoulder bag will be more comfortable? suhali maybe more heavy than monogram because of the studs.
  3. Hi Petrnia ! :smile:

    So if I understand weel, you can't carry the speedy on your shoulder ?

    And what size would you take for the speedy ?

    Do you have an idea of which bag will be ok for me ? :confused1:

    Thank you :flowers:
  4. yup the speedy handle is not long enough for shoulder carrying.

    size wise speedy 30 is the more popular size. personally i have a speedy 25, i'm quite petite 5'1 and personally i feel 30 looks more like a travel bag on me.

    oh and one more thing to add the monogram/damier/azur speedies base will sag a little. so some of us here put a hard base inside the bag :smile:.

    sorry do u mean which handheld bag or shoulder bag?
  5. I am petit too:yes:

    Do you use your seedy every day ? Could you put in it a wallet, agenda, a cosmetic purse, a small umbrella and a phone ?

    Where could I find a hard base ?

    Do you prefer the speedy perforated or th eclassic one ?

    If you have some ideas for a shoulder bag...

    Thank you so much for your kindness :smile:
  6. Hi :smile:

    wich one do you prefer for a every day bag ?

  7. Mono, I LOVE my mono 30 and carry it everyday... Perfo is fun, I don't have one but I'd own one...
  8. Go for the speedy 30. I'm petite, but I like the look of big bags. I use a purseket to keep it from sagging a lot....see purseket.com or do a search on here for more information. You can fit everything in a speedy 30!!!
  9. Mono!!
  10. First vote for Perfo :p

    I ever owned Perfo Speedy in Green & Orange, Musette in Green & Demi-Lune in Orange, finally, I just found Speedy in Fuschia ( my fiance's fave color of Perfo ) and really love them, you won't go with PErfo, not too plain but also rommy and comfy such Mono Speedy.

    See my pics & compare with Mono Speedy.

  11. I have both. I use my mono more for everyday. I baby the perfo because it's a LE and the lining is so pretty, I don't want to mess it up.
  12. Mono!!
  13. thanks for your help :yes:

    ....but I don't know still which one I will take:hysteric::crybaby:
  14. thanks :smile:

    Do you think it is better to have a speedy or a shoulder bag for every day ????
  15. i think ill go for the perforATED, its not much different from the monogram excepr it has holes in it if im corret. you get both fashion esque and classic design all in one bag

    happy shopping!:wlae::wlae::wlae: