I need your advice

  1. What do you think about this bag?[​IMG]
    Doesn't seem very practical :sad: I already have one in canvas and leather and now I have a problem with cleaning it. Local dry cleaners won't take it.
  2. I love this bag. Spray it with appleguard before using and if anything gets on it it just wipes off. Great stunning bag.
  3. bagqueen...I keep hearing about this appleguard, where do you get it?
  4. By the way, Lucywife, very cute bag, looks pretty small though, what are the dimensions?
  5. bagqueen Thank you for good advice! I'll definately get this appleguard
    lov2shop It's pretty small
    Width: 9.8 Inches
    Depth: 3.1 Inches
    Height: 7.4 Inches
    I found it on Yoox, it's the last one in black and ivory, other ones are brown/white
    Yoox also has B bag in canvas and leather
    I bought this briefcase(looks like it) yesterday, it's Fendi also
    Will be good for carrying laptop and other things for work, I think.
    This one is my Valentino Garavani, it gets dirty very fast and now I want it to be professionally dry-cleaned first and then will use appleguard
  6. Cute bag but i much prefer the Double Buckled one
  7. It's actually not that small and can be quite roomy. Only that you have to take care of the linen cos its white. Very cute bag!
  8. I received my briefcase today, it's my first Fendi ever! The leather quaility is AMAZING! So beautiful. I'm Fendi lover from now on.:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. ^how exciting! can't wait to see pics. Congrats, I love that style.
  10. Here it is, my new little friend :yes: I'm so happy!
  11. wow:wtf: that leather is much more beautiful than I imagined! STUNNING!!!! Congrats, that is a gorgeous, classy bag!
  12. Decophile Thank you:cutesy: