I need your advice...Trevi GM or Totally GM (Mono)

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  1. I'm having a hard time deciding what to get between the Trevi GM or Totally GM (Mono) and I could really use your help in deciding..Thank you in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I think it all depends on what you intend to use the bag for. Totally GM would be lighter...the Trevi is a heavy bag. If you're looking for a work bag to carry A4 files and laptop, then the Totally would be a more suitable bag. The Trevi, on the other hand, looks more chic than the Totally. However, both bags are nice in their own way. I have the Totally but would love to own the Trevi :P
  3. If its for everyday use then I suggest Totally GM because trevi is heavy.
  4. Check out the Clubhouse thread to see modeled pics

    Totally GM for everyday bag.
    It's very big though.

    Trevi GM looks like so much like a travel bag and it's heavy.
  5. I love the Trevi but I would go for the Totally between the 2 choices. I just tried carrying the Totally GM at the boutique and I loved how comfortable it is!! I love how spacious it is too and the number of compartments it has. I am even thinking of replacing my NF with this in the future.
  6. Trevi
  7. Totally GM is lighter, more comfy, and more practical as an everyday bag.
  8. Trevi
  9. If I were to decide on looks only, I personally would pick Trevi...it's so chic and being able to carry it two ways is also a big plus to me.
  10. Based on looks.... Trevi!

  11. Totally!!
  12. Trevi is a dressier bag and totally is probably easier for every day use.

    If you don't have a sturdy damier piece, go for the Trevi !
  13. Definitely the Trevi!
  14. I have the Trevi PM and I just ordered the Totally.

    I use my Trevi for special occasions, not as an everyday bag. Mainly because I like the speedy for daily use, not because it's heavy to me.
    I'm anxious to get the Totally after reading all the positive things about it.

    Have fun deciding!!
  15. Totally GM !!!

    Trevi GM look very chic, but it's too heavy imo to be an everyday bag.
    Trevi PM might be better (: