I need your advice re: School for my kids!

  1. My two small kids are going to be at the same school come fall.

    Both will be placed in a French Immersion program. Growing up, I didn't have this kind of opportunity, and now that I am in Canada for the time being, I want to take advantage for my children to learn a second language.

    Registration was some time back. I made sure I registered both kids early to ensure a spot for the program in French. My registration number for my dd was #31. Kindergarten is harder to come by, because it fills up rather fast. Also, mornings are taken super quick. Knowing that I was 31 in line, I didn't worry. There are two morning classes with a max of 20 kids in each class. I knew we had a spot for my dd.

    Turns out, paperwork from the school got misplaced and I just came across it recently. It informed us of our afternoon program for my daughter. I was shocked, and confused. I made an immediate call to the principal. She wasn't available.

    A few days later, my dh called and spoke with the principal, who informed us, that we could not get into the morning classes. What is done is done. She said other kids may have had certain unforeseen circumstances, that may have bumped us out of line:push:. (I am now wondering if me mentioning to her about our future move back to the States, had an impact on why we were bumped). So, now I have to take my ds to school in the mornings, wait 2 hours, drive back to school, drop my dd off for afternoon, wait 2 hours, go back and pick her up, and then 1/2 an hour later, go back to get my ds.

    Not to mention I am self-employed, doing studies for schooling, Real Estate on the side, as well as normal day to day errands, all to be crammed within this time limiting schedule.

    Do I bite the bullet, because I did mention we would at some point, like to be back in the US, or do I fight this out because we did register early to ensure a spot in the mornings, and save the hassle of running back and forth all day. What do I do? Thanks for any and all advice! :idea:
  2. hm, yeah I have a policy of not sharing such info bec I want to avoid all this kind of trouble. that said, it may be genuine circumstances why they thought the other kids needed to be in the morning. do they know you work from home (I am assuming that is the case?)? did you tell them that you are very busy with outside appointments etc?

    If i was you I would fight it out if it really is a major difficulty with your work situation. where you are at some point or another is no one's business. you came on time and they would probably need a very good reason why you should be swapped around. I am assuming you are paying for this? i'd say first come first serve - voila!
  3. It doesn't sound as if you will be able to get the school to change. Perhaps you will find other busy parents in both sessions who will want to carpool. Then you might be driving mornings on some days, afternoons on other days.
  4. I've always said that when I have kids I am going to put them in a language immersion program. It seems like the school is going to be stubborn on this though. You would think that another parent would be able to carpool with you. Good luck!
  5. BE persistant...keep calling...explain your situation and keep callin till they offer to make changes!