I need your advice please ladies.

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  1. Unfortunately, I am going to have to sell my medium classic Chanel lambskin (black, gold hardware) because I am moving out of my parents home (finally) and just can't afford luxuries like this. I have only had her for 6 months but I really need the money. The only problem is, I have looked on ebay and the Chanel classics are going for peanuts. I paid over 1200 GBP for mine and I want to get back as much as this as possible as the bag has hardly been used. Can anyone offer an advice? Thanks!
  2. mmmm, how long can you hold out for? Prices are supposedly increasing in May, late April... Maybe you can sell after the prices increase for more? Also, selling internationally might be an option?
  3. Yes, I can wait that long! Do you think ebay is the best option to sell it?
  4. it's either ebay or maybe u can find consignment shops in ur city that can help u sell ur bag?
  5. Unfortunately, eBay has a lot of the that bag at the moment and many go unsold if seller has low feedback. I would wait for the price hike and give it a shot then, or try consignment as others mentioned.
    Good luck!