I need your advice on my new liquid patent plum mahala!!!

  1. ok, i KNOW that this is the only place i can go for this...today, i received my much anticipated mahala! :yahoo:as soon as the box arrived, my hands were shaking as i signed for the package and then rushed off to tear it open. i purchased this after looking at the mahalas over and OVER again...and then after talking to the SA at the JC boutique in atlanta georgia, decided to take the plunge! the color sounded fabulous, and i as i gaze at the beauty, i'm in awe of the color still! definitely TDF! :nuts: HOWEVER, my anxious question for y'all, is if the bag is too big for me??? and if not, will it begin to soften? :confused1: b/c right now, when i put it on, or try to carry it, the width of the bag seems so large that it's awkward for my arm to know where to go! somebody please help!!! i ADORE the color and the style of the bag, but i'm barely 5'2" and petite at that...so i'm just not sure of how the bag looks on me and i don't want to feel like it will dwarf me!
    i haven't yet figured out how to posts pics of me w/ the actual bag, but if i figure that one out, i'll post pics and see what you gals think. i SO don't want to return the bag, it's just so gorgeous, but i also don't want to feel like i spent almost $2k on a bag that i'll hardly use b/c it looks awkward on me! all the pics i've seen of the bag, it doesn't look so structured as mine...and maybe that's the patent leather issue...but will some use and "abuse" soften it any? or will that just make the bag look beat up?? sigh...questions...torment! what to do??? :shrugs: please offer up some advice, oh wise ones...please! :sad:
  2. Posting pics will def help. If you feel its to big there is the smaller maddie. If you return to JC they will only give store credit. I don't think the patent will soften any unlike leather.
  3. I have the liquid patent in cognac... mine is softening a little, but how much it will soften... that I can't say. This is my first Mahala ever. Hope this helps.. and btw - I am also fairly petite and 5'2" - and I don't think it looks too big on me! :smile:
  4. Man, I NEED to see that bag!!

    I'd be more than happy to post your pics. Just email them to me.

    If you are doing it yourself, just make sure your image is within the size limit for the forum.
  5. I'm a bit confused, as on the JC site, it says that if you ask for an RMA # within 7 days, they will contact DHL, and you will get a refund.

    They do say that they will only exchange an item for the same size. Otherwise, I am assuming, you have to return the item, get a refund, and then purchase the item you would like.
  6. darlie, I only have the regular leather Mahalas so I can't comment on the liquids rigidity. I love the size of the Mahala. I am 5'7". I can't imagine the bag looks so big on you at 5'2". Have you put your things in the bag? Until you do the base does seem large. The bag drops once you fill it. Why don't you have someone take a picture of you wearing the bag with the clothes you will be wearing it with. Then you can look at the picture and the bag more objectively. This has worked for me in the past.

    Equalizer, you can return if you buy from jc.com. You will have to pay the duties though. Even if you exchange you are on the hook for the import duties. If you purchase from the boutiques it is credit only.
  7. Darlie -- I had the same issue as you. I love the liquid patent Plum Mahala and think it is the most beautiful Mahala ever!!! But somehow did not work on me, I'm 5'2" as well. The SAs assured me that it will soften up. In the end I returned it, but it was a very hard decision. I was so sad:crybaby:. I'm really not sure what you should do because it is one beautiful bag and so unique!!
  8. Please keep us posted on what you decide :smile:
  9. i don't know if i did this right, but i'm hoping i uploaded the pics correctly. :confused1: if i did, please forgive the outfit b/c i took the pics as soon as i got the bag and i was alone, so i had to use the mirror to take the pics...not to mention, i haven't clued the DH about my new purchase. :p
    let me know what y'all think! i'm thinkin i may call the JC boutique today and see if they say some use might soften up the structure.
    as for putting more stuff in the bag, the only problem is that i'm so used to carry a minimal amount of stuff, that i try not to carry too much! especially with a toddler that sometimes demands to be held...kind of hard to lug a heavy handbag along with a 30 lb. child on your hip! :sad:
    let me know what you all think! it's definitely the width of the bottom of the bag that i have a hard time with. when you look at the side view of the bag, you can see it's almost as wide as I am! which is why i think it looks a bit odd on me. if i could get the same color in the maddy, i think i would try that, but i don't even think they make the maddy in this color! and it's the color that i LOVE! :hrmm:
    what to do??? thanks for your help in advance! i so appreciate all your opinions! :yes:
    liquidpatentfrontview.JPG liquidpatentsideview.JPG liquidpatentsideview2.JPG liquidpatentalone.JPG
  10. Yep, you did!
  11. I can see what you mean about the width:

    I don't have this bag so I can't give you an honest opinion other than to say that bag ROCKS and you look great!

    I hear you though, I remember the day when I was hauling my kids around and then trying to have a decent bag without dying under the weight. In the end you have to get the bag that works for you. You won't be happy unless you do and especially for what these bags cost!

    LMAO on the DH comment! I hear that too! My new bags usually just show up out or nowhere and I say "Don't you remember this? I think I bought it last year but never used it?" I've got to get some more lines!! LOL
  12. Looks nice on you. They do make the Maddy in this color and the Mave clutch.
  13. I think the bag looks FAB on you !!! congrats:tup:
  14. Hey Darlie, I think the bag looks awesome on you. I purchased this bag in May (I lucked out and my SA had sent me the photos the day the bag arrived in the Boutique) and I just LOVE her. She is such an amazing color and as for the size. I am 5 1' (on good days) and I wear about a size 0/2 (that too depends on good days) and I have no problem carrying the bag:nuts:

    I also prefer the Ramona and Ring bags. I personally think the Liquid Patent Mahala is such an Awesome bag, it actually makes me taller when I carry her:graucho:

    Pardon the pale legs and all, but here are some links to my Mahala. Wear her and Enjoy her:tup:
  15. The bag is beautiful and it doesn't look to big on you. I know what you mean by the width of the bag. That's the reason I haven't bought one. It felt to uncomfortable to me.