I need your 2 cents

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  1. QUILTED URSULA Hobo's measurement is 14.5 x 4 x 8.5".
    I tried this style on before, it seems comfortable to carry. BagHound and owners of this bag can give you more feedbacks.

    My personal choice is Chanel so I vote for your 1st Chanel. Which style are you thinking of?
  2. Hi chloe! I like this style a lot, but if you're thinking of Chanel then go for the Chanel... Every gal has gotta have at least one. This hobo isn't too wide, when it's carried and empty of stuffing, it actually looks like a hobo. The middle hangs down more and it looks really pretty.
  3. This is a cute bag, but it isn't my favorite. I would definitely choose Chanel, like thithi said, everyone's girl should have one!

    That's just my two pennies!
  4. I have this bag, and I LOVE it. It is far smaller than everything else in my collection, but it's ideal with a baby... I can put this on and carry him, too! It fits nicely under the arm, and holds far more than you'd expect. Mine is the Cola color. One word of warning... I am no expert on authenticating, so ask those who know... but I have seen MANY excellent replicas of this bag on a site a friend pointed me to. UGH! I looked at all the pics on that site, and to my untrained eye (but MJ loving) eye, they were GOOD replicas. So beware the fakes. But as for the bag itself, I think you'd love it!
  5. I think I want to get a flap bag cause it's just a classic. I have a link of the bag that I think I want to get but it seems the ladies on the chanel forum is just so overloaded with authentication questions. Do you know at all about Chanel? If you do, do you mind if I email you the link of the bag that I'm eyeing? TIA! :flowers:

    And thanks for all your feedback ladies! :yes:
  6. I really love this bag. It's one of my favorite Marc Jacobs styles and I cannot wait to get one for myself!
  7. mmm..Def go for the Chanel!!! Classic flap is my purchase for fall '07!!!!! Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
  8. Yeah, there are always so many on eBay so I'm just gonna be a little bit patient. The one that I wanted was gone already :sad:

    Hmm...I haven't bought MJ for a while :nuts: I don't know how I managed to survive.
  9. ^Ha-Ha!! I know what you mean.....!!! It's funny how I gravitate back and forth from designers.....Good luck in the bag search !!! :heart: Emmy
  10. I just caught this thread again, I'm sorry for the late reply. I can't help in terms of authenticating, you can PM me; I can ask other members to help you. Have you checked out Personalshoppers? You can find Chanel bags there.

    Flap bag (definitely a classic) and Hermes Kelly are my all-time favorite styles. I bought MJ's black Quilted Ursula (patent) Elise when it just came out at the beginning of last year. I like it a lot, but I let it go recently for Chanel's crackled patent flap. The leather of MJ's Ursula line is softer, but I love Chanel's classic flaps more.

    Like Emmy said, good luck with the perfect bag search. =)
  11. Helena, that's totally fine. The ladies on the Chanel forum authenticate the bag that I was eyeing already. It's just not meant to be.

    I have checked personalshoppers and they do have a lot of yummy Chanel flap bags. It's just I"m not ready to spend that much money yet on Chanel considering that this is my first bag. I'm looking to find more vintage Chanel.

    You know what I miss? Amethyst color!! I might want to get a small mp in that color :graucho: I'm not sure where to find it.
  12. You might still be able to find the MP at boutiques, you should give em a ring!
  13. It is a lot large than it seems like it would be, overall. Doesn't it LOOK like a demi??
  14. I think Amethyst is gorgeous!! :love: Good luck with your search!