i need your 2 cents...

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    Howdy yall! so im wanting to purchase my FIRST marc jacobs zip clutch.
    im mostly a coach girl, but ive been stalking these for quite some time, and i need to just give in!

    i wanted to know from your experience if the turnlock pockets, or the pushlocks pockets are better??

    im wanting to spend less than $200, are you laughing out loud?
    lol is there a chance i could find one?? is that realistic??
    id like my first to be from the bay since its my first! then after i fall in love, ill go to nordies and get another! :graucho:

    thanks in advance for your 2 cents!!
  2. #2 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    im not sure. you might be able to find one on sale but they might be all gone. i got mj quilted zip clutch for around 180 from the nordies sale. original price was 450. i also have the mbmj zip clutches (with the turnlocks). those were on sale for around 100. their retail should be around 200. the turnlock pockets in front of the mbmj's are totally useless but i still love my wallets. good luck!

    you might be able to find some affordable ones in new condition on ebay or bonanzle. be sure to have it authenticated first though!
  3. there's some great deals on ebay right now, i'd go with the pushlocks over the turnlocks for sure
  4. I have a turnlock wallet/clutch. I like both. ^^ I agree there are good deals on ebay. Good luck.
  5. I only have the zip clutch w/ the pushlocks. You can definitely find one for under 200 at the end of the season. I just bought one last week from Barneys for $160.

    Good luck!!!! Beware you may get addicted once you get your first one. So many colors..................
  6. I don't think under $200 is laughable at all! You definitely need to be diligent about stalking ebay, but the right one will come along :smile:

    Personally, I'm holding off on MJ collection zip clutches till I have the means to get My Perfect One (the zip clutches are actually what initially made me fall in love with MJ), but i'm using a MBMJ one w/ the turnlocks meanwhile.

    Organizationally speaking, I LOVE the layout of the wallet! It's so convenient and everything fits. The two pockets in front (for the MBMJ turnock one) ARE rather useless though, as mcbaglovin said. I can't speak for the collection wallets.

    If at all possible, you should also go in and feel the leather. The leather on the pushlock ones are definitely very nice, but I personally find the MBMJ ones a little bit "smooshier," if that makes sense. post pictures when you finally jump in and get one though :smile:
  7. pushlock zc all the way. if you're diligent and fast enough, you should be able to score one on sale for that price. if not, there's always a ton on ebay for around that or less. good luck!
  8. thanks for the input thus far! i didnt even know there was a difference between MBMJ and MJ zip clutches! :shame: could someone post a picture so i can see?
  9. def. go for the mj pushlocks!
  10. You can get it around $200 for sure! DON'T GIVE UP!
    Will keep an eye out....
  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs (MbMJ) is Marc Jacob's "lower line," which is basically more trendy and youthful looking. The kind of wallet you'd be looking for if you want turnlocks is the Totally Turnlock Zipper Wallet. These are priced at $198, but can go on sale for even less. In Austin, TX, where I'm from, there's a boutique that I went to a few weeks ago that marked down all Spring '09 MbMJ bags & accessories. These wallets tend to be made of more pebbled, thick leather, which Mittened Things was referring to by "smooshiness".

    Marc Jacobs collection has the other kind of wallet with pushlocks, called the Zip Clutch, comes in basic colors and more seasonal colors, along with regular or quilted leather for prices ranging from $350-450 retail. These can also be found on sale at the end of the season, but popular colors can become scarce by this time. eBay and Bonanzle are good places to look for discounted Zip Clutches.

    I hope that helped you differentiate between the two clutches/wallets! Take a look at the threads Dawn posted, and let us know which one you get your heart set on!
  12. I prefer the MJ push locks. As others have said, there are still deals floating around. Last week (I think it was) I got the safran quilted ZC for $170 at Nordies and they had some non-quilted colors that were even less.
  13. i am IN LOVE with the MJ Zip clutch- quilted in metallic fuschia!!!! love love
    im not a big fan of gold hardware, but the color wins me over!!!!