I need youir oppinion on the groom PMR

  1. Hey guys, well as you know all that happened to me this time, it´s been a while since I got my last LV, now I have some money I´ve been saving and I wanted a mini lin danube, but you gu´s are right I must get first a cell phone (for those of you who don´t know somebody stole it) and wait until my home´s situation gets better.

    Anyway I´m looking for a regular cell phone, maybe like one of 100 dlls, but since I´m not getting the danube right now, Í was thinking about getting a cles from the monogram groom or damier azur. The last time I went to my LV store they had all the groom accesoires and some azur bags, but I think the azur would look femenine, and the groom is more like unisex.

    Yesterday I went to LV and asked for the groom cles but they have no more!!!! they just had 2 PTI´s and a green porte monnaie rond. I liked it and I really want something from the groom line since it´s limited, but do you think it´s ok if a guy carries that? I mean I have 3 cles and I don´t think they look girly, but I´m afraid the PMR would look girly, I need your oppinion, yes or not to buy it?
  2. If it's green...DON'T buy:hrmm:, Monogram Groom Porte Monnaie Rond only comes in orange. Good luck with your decision.
  3. really??? oh then I should have got confussed with the colors. I would have sweared it was green but of course an LV store dont sell fakes. I´ll make sure about the color, thanks Lee!!!!

    anyway you think it would look girly or not???? I was thinking about a green one bcz I have an orange perfo cles ansd I wanted the green until they went away hehe so I thought it would be cool to have the 2 colors. I´m goinmg to think twice if it´s just orange.