I need you knowledge- perfect combiantion bag wanted

  1. Ladies & Gents,

    I'm looking for the perfect combination of a bag I can use for my work- means some papers needs to fit in-maybe sometimes even my ibook
    It should not be too damageable for scratches as I will travel a lot with it- means lot's of security checks at airports and more
    I want a long strap to wear it messenger style when I have a lot to carry (more luggage) and I want the opportunity to wear it over my shoulders also

    It should still be elegant so in doubt it doesn't look like a working bag when I don't have the time to change the bags

    I bought the YSL rive gauche originally- but know I'm starting to get worried about scratches...

    I like the Sac Bosphore from LV but would prefer the same without that Logo style- as in my job I don't want everybody to see how much it costs..

    I REALLY need you knowledge- I'm lost on my search..

    Thank you so much! :yes:
  2. You may have considered this already, but what about a Balenciaga City? (my dream bag- ha :smile: It can be worn on the shoulder, has the strap you are looking for, no logos, and the elegance of black (as opposed to one of the bright colors) may work for you...
    Also, according to the posts in the sub-forum the leather is very durable.
    Just a thought :smile:
  3. I'm not so much into Balenciaga... a litte to hippie style for me.. I'm more the classic or boring kind..
    But I already thought of having a look ;))
  4. no luck ladies... I know it's not easy to find that's why I need your help ;)
  5. I have a Gucci large tote, and it is perfect for work, laptop, even going out. It is classy, elegant, and won't go out of style. Check them out if you aren't on a tight budget. Also, Louis Vuitton has a darling messenger bag!
  6. Have you looked at the Mulberry Bayswater? :idea:
  7. Can't find a pic of that style.. do you have one or a link?
    sounds interesting!
  8. Yes- I finally found something!
    I'm very happy!
    It's a Longchamp
    very classic- long shoulder strap- short handles for the hands
    this bag will stand 1 mio x-rays at the airport, can be squezed into everything and in doubt looks kind of elegant and a bit more feminin than a classic messenger
    it has an extra zipper so you can extend it- perfect weekender then
    it's a bit stiff now but will become better in use

    just wanted to share this with you :yes:
    IMGP0200.JPG IMGP0201.JPG
  9. I´m glad You found a bag that You Like with all the features You needed! Enjoy Your new bag... ;)
  10. how about balenciaga in work?
  11. I love Longchamp! thanks for sharing!
  12. just realized that I forgot to acutally post pics of the bag itself..

    so here we go- still in love :yes:

    you can see the handles and the zipper that's giving some extra room for all my stuff I need to carry for other people...
    phpr1DS8PPM.jpg phpwsV6o0PM.jpg
  13. Congrats, such a good feeling to find something that works :smile:
  14. oh yes- been to the shop a million times- never saw it
    but this time all over sudden it was there in the corner waiting for me
    took me 5 minutes and she was mine
    not spectaculat but good for my nerves if somebody will step on my bag while work- or the floor is just dirty etc.

    my style