I need you FINAL VOTE!!!

  1. Ok, ladies.

    I am down to two purses that I like very much. I am stuck between which one I will like better. I know it's ultimately my decision, but I want to know which you think is cuter yet functional as well.

    The choices are:

    #1. Cole Haan Small Village Bucket Tote in Green

    pros: LOVE the green color
    Very classic/elegant style
    cons: might be too slouchy especially when filled up
    and might therefore loose it's shape easliy?

    #2. Cole Haan Paige Small Convertible Tote in British Tan

    pros: convertible---it's nice to be able to have a strap
    when needed and remove it when you don't
    the buckle on it is cute
    cons: I hear it's kind of hard to get into/out of
    I'm not the craziest about the British Tan color
    even though this is a very functional looking bag.

    I want you to vote for the bag that YOU think best meets these three criteria.

    1. stylish
    2. functional
    3. good "everyday" bag (not too casual, not too dressy)


    Hugs to all!:heart:
  2. I really like the 2nd one... the buckle is too cute :love:
  3. The green color of the tote is great. Reminds me of furla, but a little more whistles.
  4. I like the brown one! Looks girlish! :biggrin:
  5. #2 looks more modern to me.
  6. I like both styles but I prefer the second one. It looks more functional and I love the lil' buckle.
  7. I prefer the first green one. Love the colour and the style. 2 side pockets are very practical. Not keen on the colour of the 2nd bag personally and IF it is hard to get into/out of could be a real pain !!
  8. You all have really great comments, so thanks so much for replying.
    I am soooooooooooo torn! I keep going back and forth!!! :confused1:
  9. The colour "British Tan"?? I didn't think that even existed. :graucho:

    Go for the first one.
  10. #1. Cole Haan Small Village Bucket Tote in Green
    Im still going to give my vote to this bag :smile:! It's practical and beautiful, and the color is so pretty!! And the leather seems thick enough, so that it won't get too slouchy. You won't get bored with this bag as you might with the other one.

    Good luck on making a desicion :smile:!!
  11. i say without a doubt the 1st one
    i have always loved the village cole haan's shapes
    i love the rounded handles and i love slouch! :smile:

    plus the side pockets big plus to put a cell in or whatever so you dont have to find it in the main part

    AND the green is so cute!! and so spring yet not so bright that it isnt versitile year round

    AND i am not a fan of the buckle on the 2nd one :smile:
    let us know what you choose and take pics! :smile:
  12. You ladies are THE BEST! I seriously love this forum! It's like having a thousand sisters on hand to give you advice. It rocks!
    Keep the opinions coming please!!!
  13. i would go with the green tote. who cares if it doesn't match everything u wear? it's a lovely colour, i am very partial to green coloured things. anyway i think both are equally functional n good everyday bags. i would go with the more interesting bag which the green tote to me.
  14. Okay...I like the second one better, BUT if it's really hard to get into, that gives me pause...
  15. the first one! its sooo much cuter! the buckle on the 2nd one just don'e look right to me. kinda like teh designer had a few of them hanging around & just wanted to use them up.

    the green is fabulous!