I need you advice on a mini bag!

Missy Jny

Dec 7, 2014
Dear all, I'm deciding whether to get a alma bb in rose ballerine or a chanel mini flap in black with silver hardware. I like the shade of pink that LV released this year but am a bit afraid of high maintenance due to the light colour. However I've quite a lot black bags. Can you give me your honest opinion and thoughts please?

Please refer to the pictures below for reference. They are from other tpfers picture I found in Google.

Many thanks ! [emoji8] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1449051994.707126.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1449052021.436390.jpg
Jan 13, 2015
Since you said you own a lot of black bags already, perhaps this is the one to step out of that? i do like the LV and while your concern on the light color is valid it's a mini so i assume, part time usage vs full time, those bags you can be a bit more colorful as they are not generally used daily.


May 12, 2015
Recently I had my eyes on alma bb and Chanel mini flap(but rectangle shape) for a while and I did quite bit research on both two bags, in my opinion alma bb definitely fits more than the square mini flap, and the price is a big pros over the Chanel one, to me, Alma bb maintenance won't be any issue, I have few wallets in few different leather, trust me, their leather quality is unbeatable, darker colour easy maintain. But if comes to a classic style that you want your bag lasts for little longer, I think Chanel flap is gona win plus you do need to take good care of Chanel bag, even caviar leather( My caviar flap got a scratch from a raw brick, for LV leather it only left scratch marks but my caviar skin fell off a tiny small piece like a tiny little skin of a bread, not mention lamb skin)
Unfortunately I made my decision, still go with Chanel mini flap, even it needs more maintenance, it costs double than alma bb, my heart still goes with Chanel. I hope it may helps you a bit. Good luck.