I need work advice! It was my first day interning..

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  1. Hi guys,

    today I started my internship and under instruction from the other people in the office, I posted some stuff online (not going to get into it). I was instructed to do this and I made sure every move was approved by the other people in the office except the director who was out to lunch at the time.

    When I got home from work, I was forwarded a nasty email from someone outside of the office. The director of the office just forwarded me that email along with her response to the person, nothing else.

    Should I email her back? I don't know if I should explain that I was told to do those things (I don't want to blame anyone else) or does she already know that I wouldn't do anything on my own on the first day and she just wanted to let me know what was going on.

  2. If it was me, I would just send back an email just so she knows everything and doesnt try to hold it against you.

    Maybe something like "I received your email and apologize if I may have done anything inappropriate. As it was my first day, I did clear it with several people who assured me that it was okay to post the information. If I did make any errors, please let me know so I can refrain from anything of the like in the future".

    You dont have to name names in order to get anyone else in trouble...but in order to clear your name so to speak, you should let her know that you were instructed to do what you did.
  3. Well, what did the director's response to the person say? Did she defend you, or say that she hadn't approved the posts? I would take the fact that you were copied on the email as an FYI in case it comes up at work tomorrow, unless of course the director is not standing up for you and is contradicting what you were told in her response e-mail. If you're going to write to anyone, I would only reply to the director just to confirm that what you did was correct. I don't think it's worth corresponding with the outside person.
  4. Good advice - and report your work and actions you took to your supervisor first thing tomorrow.
  5. thanks floridasun, I am going to take your advice.

    bellafleur, the director basically defended my actions. I'm definitely not going to email the outside person, I just don't want my boss to think that I would do that on my own. Come to think of it, I should've known better since I do have experience in my field but I was sort of flustered from my first day that I forgot common sense.
  6. Now the first day is out of the way, have fun, work hard, make connections, and don't get too wrapped up in office politics... Stuff I'm sure you know, but it helps to be reminded once in awhile.

    You'll be fine! Good luck! xo
  7. Jeneen is right...don't let this stress you out.

    If this issue was a big deal, the director would have had a conversation with you. I personally don't like getting emails from staff saying "but so and so told me to." Actions speak loud, so just do your job well (like I know you will!), and this will be forgotten in about five minutes. :hugs:
  8. Ahhh - :biggrin: I love those words- Kidding!
  9. I hate first days.

    On the first day of my last internship, I got my ass handed to me by the PR director for my company because I didn't copy edit a bunch of press releases that he told me to organize into press kits. No one told me to so much as read them, let alone edit the work of someone with about a million years more experience and clout than I have. They were given to me in what looked like final form and I followed the instructions I was given.

    Sometimes there's no winning if you're the low man, ya know? I think the others have given you good advice, try not to let it fluster you.
  10. Thanks guys :smile:

    She emailed me back and told me not to worry, that she wasn't mad at all, just wanted to show me. phew!
  11. ^That's good!
  12. Glad it turned out alright! Yep, sometimes we just don't know what kinds of landmines or cesspools we're going to step into on the first day.

    You handled it well...now you can brush it off (but you already have, right??) and get in the groove with your internship. Work hard and have fun!