I need watermarking help- Please

  1. Ok last week I had someone copy my text and eBay removed the listing,:yahoo: tonight I see someone copied my listing- pictures and all word for word (deleting the date code)- on a LV wallet-:wtf: .
    I would love to watermark my photos but I had a hard enough time figuring out how to post photos and I still haven't figured out how to get my photos on eBay using photobucket- is there anyone with enough patience who can help me. I hate that these scammers are using my photos- who know what the bidders will be getting.

    Also am I allowed to name the rat here who stole my listing ? If someone asks here about authenticity they will tell them the wallet is authentic:sad:
    Thanks as always for your help
  2. Im a photoshop expert :yes: If you email me the pictures, I will watermark them for you!! eightsixleo@yahoo.com and I will give you details how to use photobucket to add the pictures!

    Yes, you can out the scum.

  3. Thanks so much I appreciate your help- Hopefully I can figure out how to send photos :p - I started selling some of my bags and misc items- mostly LV bracelets I don't use to "fund" new items- I hate to make "work" for you is there any easy way I can do it myself ? I just can't believe the nerve of some people- they even say the pictures were taken by them-:nuts: unbelievable the lies some people will tell.
    The lying ebayer is [​IMG]leif747- the listing is for a LV wallet.

    PS- Love the photo's of your daughter- she is adorable- my "little one" is 16 and plays ice hockey
  4. its not work for me.....it takes no time at all...

    if you can attatch the full size photo in your email, OR send me the link to them if you uploaded them to photobucket....and tell me what you want watermarked on them....i will do it and email it back to you!!!
  5. thanks so much- I don't list a lot- mostly my daughters gently used clothing, some LV occasionally so I'll send you a pm before I'm ready to do so again incase your situation changes and your more pressed for time- but I really appreciate your help:yes:
  6. Another idea, and may well help show it is your own item etc.

    If you either write or type your user name on a small piece of card,(not too small) and then you can place it next to the item when you photograph it, to list it.

    I have seen this on a lot of cosmetic items recently, and should have mentioned it earlier.
  7. I don't have photoshop on this computer, and I use microsoft paint (which every computer has), to do my watermarks. you just hit the little A box (which is a text box), then click on the very bottom box (which makes it transparent except for the letters), pick whatever color you want to make the words - I always go wtih super super light gray), type your word, resave it, and that's it. Just another way to do it
  8. Thanks guys for all your help- Ebay removed the listing :yahoo: I really appreciate the advice- tpf is the best :yes: