I need wallet help


Even my bag has a bag
Oct 3, 2005
My wallet has finally worn out and it's time to find a new one. I have my heart set on a mucho designer wallet and I know I won't be happy if I settle for anything less. (I know that may sound a bit silly but...)

I love the style of the wallet I have now. It's very similar to this from DKNY In fact, this wallet would be perfect if it didn't have that gold stuff on it; and it was made by Prada.

My wallet requirements:
Must be black
No fancy stitching
No decorative metal hardware
Must have change purse attached
Perferrably have clear plastic thing to put my ID in.
(Makes it easily to show when I'm getting carded for booze; or pulled over :oh: )

I found this "Prada" wallet online. Does anyone know if this wallet is real? I haven't seen this style on any other Prada sites I visited. Does it come in black? Where can I get one?

Or, do you have other suggestions?
Thanks so much.
Yea, I've looked at several of that style. I like them a lot but I really need something that has the change purse attached to the outside so I can shove my change into it as they push you through the line at whatever store you're in. (Personally I hate that. I don't know why the assistant/cashier can't wait a few seconds before ringing up the person behind you. It's so disrespectful, don't you think?)