I need URGENT advice

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  1. Okay. I hear that panty hoses are OUT:sad: ! Well, I am going out tonight and wearing a dress that is slightly above my knees. I am also wearing closed toes high-heeled sandals (like gladiators). Should I go bare? It is about 60 degrees where I am. Should I go with tights???:confused1: I don't know what the hell to do.

    By the way, the dress has lots of sequins.

    Thanks in advance to everyone who remarks.:smile:
  2. i'd say go bare if you can stand it.
  3. I'd say go bare. Tights sound too informal for the outfit.

    No matter what though, IMO there are some situations where bare legs are just not appropriate, regardless of what the fashionistas say is "in" or "out". When I'm wearing a skirt suit to court, I am NOT going in there with bare legs. In those situations, I think pantyhose are fine.
  4. Thanks Amanda and Ashlend. Since its not a "formal" event, I'll go bare.
  5. bare!!!

    Have fun!
  6. You can compromise, climate permitting, and go with a fine-mesh fishnet.

    My legs are well, frankly, an ugly color, think of slightly soiled Grey Poupon Mustard. Not really pale enough to benefit from painting them orange with the popular chemicals, nor am I fond enough of citrus fruits to wish to resemble them anyway, but I don't feel comfortable going bare-legged, and I live in the warm lands, where opaque tights would be very uncomfortable except on the coldest days, so I had this dilemma, and someone on another forum reminded me of the existence of my old friend the fishnet!

    They have grown up now, and are available not only in the traditional big diamond black, but finer meshes in charcoal, brown, eggplant - and in addition to helping me keep private the fact that my legs are reminiscent of a slightly soiled condiment, they can also help if the years have left you with little bumps and scars and various other less lovely surface features!
  7. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I love fishnets too!!!
  8. Tights with a heavily sequinned dress is very chic right now!

    But, if you don't like the look, go bare.
  9. Thanks everyone! I went bare (to Ruth's Chris).
  10. either or
  11. who cares if pantyhose is out

    it's more important to not get sick imho
  12. Just ask a guy...he'll always vote for pantyhose