I need ur help and advise

  1. Dear CL lovers
    I want to buy a CL boot for this winter .....what do u advise?? Plz post pics.......this will be my first CL and I'm very very excited:smile:
  2. what heel height are you thinking?
  3. All about the Equestria boots!
    There amazing :smile: if you love extremely high heels that is :smile:
  4. I have like ~8 pairs of boots and booties... If you want some advice, please let us know your preferences. It's hard to just randomly select a boot...

    Here are my favs though:

    Knee high, high heels - Bianca Botta, Forever Tina

    Casual - Piros, Cate, Ms Tack
  5. Do you have any recommendation for a bootie? I am looking for not too high ones!
  6. I guess not too high means you want something more practical?

    Do you want a wedge or no wedge?

    With wedge, I like the Belle Zeppa 85/100

    No wedge, I like Belle 85/100, Ms Tack, and Ariella booties (the latter not available anymore)

    Good luck!
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    I don't want a wedge. I like belle but I heard it hits the ankle.
    Thank you!!!