I need tpfers moral support....

  1. I am 6 months pregnant and already gained 24 lbs. My goal was not to go above 30 lbs...but there is no way that could happen now.
    My tailbone hurts like nuts even if i only sit on my work chair for 5 minutes and my butt rest is on the way from Staples.

    And worst of all because we will have lots of spending for the dude/dudette..I am on shopping ban.

    Please people tell me something that will cheer me up :smile:
  2. Can you sit on a stability ball ?? It would help your tailbone and at the same time help your posture a little...

    24 is not so much for 6 months pregnant. Don't stress over that !!! You are OK to go up to 40 ish:yes:
  3. DUDE...24 pounds is PERFECT! Youll be fine!I swear...Itll be over soon enough and youll be having so much fun being a mommy..youll drop the pounds SO FAST!
    My first daughter..I gained DOUBLE THAT!
    My second ..I only gained 18.....You never know..pregnancy is weird!
    Youll be back in shape in no time..Its just a tad uncomfy at the end....wear comfy shoes..Thatll help too!
    GOOD luck!!!Let us know how you are doin!
  4. You are preggers. You are major hormonal.

    Have you ever wanted to thoroughly tell someone off?

    Have you ever wanted to throw a super huge hissy fit whem someone was being a minor jerk?

    Any past irritations from your MIL?

    Any past irritations from your own Mother?


    You are hormonal. All will be excused.

    ***Work it, Girl!!!***

    Tell everyone exactly what you think of them regarding
    what they did when....
    what they said when....
    how you are being treated now
    how you were treated in the past
    how you and your children will be treated in the future

    Call the utility, phone, garbage guys and tell them what you really think about their customer service.

    As a treat to all us girls, tell your cell phone company exactly why you will never renew your contract.

    You get the idea.

    Be a STRATEGIST and ENJOY your hormones!

    Have fun!
  5. Hi Tresor,

    I've got some good news to cheer you!

    1. Only 3 more months left before you have a new beautiful baby!
    2. If you go to a swimming pool, the water will take the weight off your spine and you'll feel terrific. (well, if not completely terrific, your tailbone at least won't hurt for a while and you can get a little relief).
    3. You've got a great excuse (hormones) to complain to anybody about what's eating you...
    4. And the best one - we're hear to support you and listen and wish you good thoughts.

    Feel better soon and congrats on the pregnancy! I admire your commitment. :woohoo: :heart:
  6. Haha, thanks everyone.
    I agree with the hormonal excuse..I use that all the time to my hubbie now..my poor hubbie :smile:
    And also a good excuse if I make error at work. Always told them that my brain is slowing down because of the baby :smile:
  7. awww don't worry we're here for you. just vent like crazy lol.

    maybe there is a place where they have maternity yoga...that could soothe and calm you and maybe help your back.

    or tell your DH you just need a good spa day...most spas have packages for women that are pregnant. they have pre-natal massages, get your nails and toes done...and best of all you can just relax there for most of the day.

    24 pounds really isn't that much...theres amniotic fluid, extra blood in your system, the baby, milk building up in your breasts...that all factors into the weight you've gained so far. once the baby is born that'll all be gone.

    take it easy and take care! :flowers:

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Hey! Kate Hudson, or some hot celebrities gained 75 lbs when they were pregnant.
    Let me try to find seme of their pictures for you!

    Don't worry about the weight gain!
    Go out exercise, eye shopping!!
    I really like the suggestion to say whatever you want to to anyone who ever pissed you off!!!
  10. Yeah, you're in the normal range. Remember, this is your baby, you don't want to worry about being skinny or looking super hot right now. You want to worry about your baby being healthy, which from your weight gain, seems to be the case.
    Besides, my friend is only 4 mos, and she's already gained 35.
  11. Your doing just fine w/ the weight. Don't worry about that. If you are eating healthy then your body is doing what it needs to keep your baby healthy. It will all be over before you know it and the wweight will come off fast. The stability ball is a really great idea!
  12. 24lbs is like one cheeseburger for me. LOL. You're doing fine, relax.
    With my 1st pregnancy I gained 50 lbs and was in a bikini with in 5 months (this time I prob won't be so lucky lol).
  13. 24.. that seems so low. I did that freshman year in college :push: :amuse: :p

    My mom gained 93 with my last brother... YEP! All of it melted off after too, he was just very hungry!
  14. Take it easy and pamper yourself. Find somewhere that knows how to give prenatal massages. Be careful of hemmorhoids (sorry) because that will be the WORST!

    I gained 38 with my baby girl and by the first month of breast feeding lost a lot of it. 13 months later I still have some of the baby fat but I got more important things to worry about.

    Hang in there, buy some maternity clothes that makes you feel beautiful, and remember that pregnant women are beautiful!!!!
  15. Hi ya,

    don't worry - I put on around 32/33 lbs during my first pregnancy, but not gradually - the first three months I gained at most 2kg, and then suddenly huge increase, and then it relaxed again a bit.

    9 months post pregnancy I have lost around 40lbs but around 30 lbs in the first 3 months bec of nursing... so you see, I wouldn't stress too much. just enjoy pregnancy, and the time to yourself.