I Need TPF Help to Identify This Mystery Bag!

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  1. I found this gorgeous citron framed kisslock crossbody bag at the Savers Thrift Store for $28. It was in excellent condition and I didn't have to do much at all to rehab her.

    The bag was made in the US and has a random serial number on the creed and may have been made in the mid-1980s. Hyacinth, DemRam, and my fellow rehabbers all feel that the bag is genuine but have been unable to identify it.

    A couple of TPFers have found similar-looking bags on ebay in blue and black, but still no name or style number.

    You can see the before pics at the link below, this is my first yellow Coach bag and I absolutely love it!

    I couldn't get a clear pic of the hinges but they are stamped "IDEA" and the inside zipper is "YKK".

    I am reaching out to my TPF colleagues to see if anyone can help me find the name and/or style number of this bag? And I would also love to know the name of the color, I have been calling it mustard or citron, please help!

    AfterKisslockMustardBagCoach006.jpg AfterKisslockMustardBagCoach009.jpg AfterKisslockMustardBagCoach011.jpg AfterKisslockMustardBagCoach012.jpg KisslockMustardBagCoach009.jpg
  2. Such a classy bag! I don't have help to offer, but will keep my eyes open :smile:
  3. Silly question, but have you called Coach and given them the style#?
  4. I was thinking of trying but I have read that coach can't help id bags with the unique, random serial numbers on the creed. :shucks:
  5. I'm sorry because I have no idea what the name is. But, it is beautiful!
  6. There was a listing on ebay several months ago for a court bag with a unique serial number. They said they had asked Coach to identify it. They got a letter from Coach with the style name and date of manufacture from the serial number, I think. Coach might have kept records. I wonder what happened to all those registration records when people used to send in the registration cards.
  7. I just called coach customer service and was told that "there is nothing with that number in our database!"

    Maybe I will try mailing in pics and the number to see if I have any luck that way!
  8. Thanks, it really is pretty.

    It was marked $40 but I had a coupon so I got it for $28. That is more than I usually like to spend on rehab projects - in case they are fake or the rehab fails - but I could see that this bag was special so I was happy to get it!
  9. That bag is really cute! I would have grabbed it too. I hope someone is able to help you figure it out.
  10. Katev, I have seen this bag in the 1991 Anniversary Edition Catalog. It is the Retro Lindy Bag. Gold plated steel frame with knob closure. 10 x 7x5. Golden Yellow. It came in other colors llike Peacock Blue, Coral Pink.. $162.00 Hope this helps...
  11. You got a great deal, cute bag BTW.....
  12. OMG, that is fantastic! Thank you so much - I don't suppose you happen to have the style number too!

  13. No. 9003 Glad to help:biggrin:
  14. That's fantastic!