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  1. :pout::pout::blah::bagslap:hi all,
    (thanks for listening btw!)
    i had listed an item on the bay a week and a half ago...a bidder with no feedback bid and won...i contacted the bidder after the auction and never got a reply...emailed several more times, no reply...called the bidder left message, got a reply stating they didn't have paypal, blahblahblah...we decided to mutually end the transaction...
    then i relisted the item...for the SECOND time i had a person with zero feedback bid...as a matter of fact the bidder bid TEN times and won...again i contacted the bidder, said congrats and said would ship once payment was made...no response...after 3 emails i finally got a response that they would pay YESTERDAY...no payment...2 more emails...i finally contacted the bay and had the transaction ended and i've made a second chance offer, but what the HE** is going on here??? why are people bidding and not paying????? have any of you experienced this??? can i put in an auction that i don't want people with zero feedback bidding??? HELP!!!!!
    thanks so much for listening to my vent!
  2. Sorry that happened to you TWICE with the same item, yikes! But, I've never had a non paying bidder (knock in wood).

    I no longer do auctions, just BIN's with immediate payment required. I'm sure I miss out on money this way though.
  3. I think a lot of people like to bid for fun and then are unpleasantly surprised when they win! That's happened to me before and then the buyer made up a crazy story why she couldn't pay. That sucks that it happened twice for the same item. I definitely feel your pain:P
  4. So sorry! I do think you can edit your bidders to exclude 0 feedback buyers. I have never done so, but I have heard of others excluding buyers with negative feedback or no feedback, etc. Having immediate payment only for BIN will ensure you get payment, but it also deters some buyers who would prefer the full 7 days to pay for the item. So sorry this happened to you, especially twice with the same item. I have been there before and it makes you want to pull your hair out! Hopefully the third time will be a charm!
  5. sorry for your bad luck, i think you can edit this under buyer requirements though.
  6. so, i went onto ebay live help and waited in queue for over 2 more hours and finally ended up having a discussion with someone who helped me...FINALLY...he blocked both buyers (who had no intention of buying) from contacting me or from giving me negative feedback...i then relisted the item and stated that anyone with 0% feedback had to contact me prior to bidding....the item ultimately sold and the buyer paid...i am still frustrated over people bidding who have no intention of buying and having to wait over 2 hours to talk to someone on ebay...UGH!!!
  7. You cannot block 0 fb bidders.

    The closest you can get I think is blocking bidders with 2 unpaid strikes within a certain amount of time. <<<<<THIS is why it is so important for sellers to file against these pitas.
  8. Glad it worked out, I know how incredible frustrating NPB can be!!
  9. I had a non-paying buyer that had zero feedback. I contacted them several times and then all of a sudden they weren't an ebay member anymore. Ahhhh....so they won and instead of paying just disabled their account? Frustrating for sure.
  10. this sounds like me
    it happens a lot to me when i sell my bf's jordans
    i block all buyers who don't pay just in case they decide they wanna bid again