i need to vent :(

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  1. So, i feel like a B word that rhymes with witch! But i just found out my EX best friend just got a new gucci and my cousin (whom ive very competitive with) just got her first gucci for her bday

    and nowwwwwww im sad :crybaby:

    I know its wrong but do u guys ever get so jealous?? I mean i have a pretty good collection (no where like most of yours! but i have 6 guccis and a few LVs) buttttttt im so upset! Like i feel like im falling behind!

    Anyone ever feel like that?
  2. Dont worry, I know exactly how you feel. Only us on the tPF will understand how you feel. Iam like that too! I want to be the only one is allowed to own a certain designer bag and get very upset especially someone who tries to act like "me" and get the ones I have, I feel Iam not superior than them anymore..God I feel like a B****** which rymes with witch.
  3. I understand exactly how you feel. I don't think you're jealous. I think it's more that you're wanting a new Gucci for yourself. It would be different if you didn't want them to have Guccis - you just want one too (at least I think so)! I get like that sometimes, especially since I just sold off 4 Guccis on eBay. I am itching to replace them since my collection is smaller now.

    I hear you talk about law school. Once you finish and start your career, you can get all of the Guccis you want:yahoo:
  4. i don't ever get upset or jealous and ppl who do feel that way tend to be haters imo
  5. no its not that i wish ill on them and im def NOT a hater, but i think vastare hit the nail on the head...designer purses are MY thing and these people are the ones that bassically made fun of my obsession...and now they go and get it??

    its like what the heck...its MY thing!! arghhh! im glad some of u get me and i assure u i am in no way a hater, i have a BEAUTIFUL collection of 6 gucci bags that i ADORE and for 24 years of age i think thats pretty good :smile: (and thats not counting my lvs, pradas or 27+ coachs!)

    but it's just like ughhhh i have to wait till labor day to get my next bag and its not a financial thing...my mom just doesnt like me having too many bags and im just like ARUGHHHH!!!
  6. Aww honey I know how you feel! Hugs!!!!
  7. Vent away! We are here to listen :yes:
  8. Awww sorry to hear. From what I read in your 2nd post, it sounds like they were maybe a touch jealous when they couldn't afford the bags you did so they turned it around. I think that's common when it comes to just about everything. Not saying it's right, just some people's way of coping I guess.
  9. thanks you guys!!! u all are so sweet and i love how u all just GET me!!! :smile:

    u made me smile again!!!

    and btw i just spoke to my mom and she said if i want i can get a bag when i come down....shes a doll isnt she!! but i told her forget it, ill wait until labor day when she comes down! :smile: and this way in vegas i can get tons of other goodies ;)
  10. i didn't mean you were a hater i was speaking in general
    but now i understand what you mean
    i would be very upset too and i would be tempted to say something to my so called friends that made fun of me and then turn around and do the same thing:tdown:

    Don't let it get to you...:yes:
  11. i totally know how you feel. i have somebody around me like that too and i hate it. i remember the first time i got my very first designer bag--a coach one, a few months later, she got her own too. then i got a dooney one, and of course, a few months later, she gets one too, not the exact same one, but one thats totally similar with mine! even her husband commented that we got the same bag!!! then a couple of years later, i decided to move up and got my very first gucci bag. i knew it was coming, that she was going to move up too. and i was right. a few months ago, she gets her very first louis vuitton. this has been a pattern with me and her, not just with handbags, but with other things too! sorry guys if my entry is too long. it just feels good to vent and to know that im not the only one going thru this. so yeah, i totally know what you're talking about. thanks for sharing and thanks for listening.:smile: (sorry so long!)
  12. aww yeah but its good to vent here. I know what would make you feel better! Its wrong though, so don't do it lol. Its something *I* would do because I'm horrible and I love bags. ..you should get yourself a little present....

    :nuts: :sneaky: ..and hide it from you mom...:whistle: :p

    hee! I don't know if thats even possible but I sure would try! I'm horrible, I shall go now.
  13. buy yourself a new bag if it'll make you happy. it doesn't have something to be big or expensive, maybe something small a pouch or anything like that. just to get you through, until labor day comes and you can splurge. :p
  14. We are all on like the "ya ya sisterhood". I love this! Listen to this, I have a girlfriend who tells me everytime she sees me with a gucci or a LV she goes, " I wanted to get the same exact bag" but I have never seen one and one day she saw my new Gucci pelham and she said I love Gucci and Guess bags. hello........gucci and guess? . All Iam saying is Iam not jelous nor that I dont want anyone else to have it but there are some people who think they are like they know everything but dont. There is nothing wrong being who we are , I just have a problem when a person is not comfortable in their own skin and preten to be like someone else....anyone know what I mean?