I need to VENT!!

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  1. So I am 25 and I live with my parents:push:, I know its not ideal but while i am a full time student and interning its my best option. But Its driving me crazy, I know I am blessed to have a really great family and I do love them, but.....MY father is very mentally and verbally abusive to everyone. Its ike he has some sort of emotional disorder:confused1:, one minute he'll be nice the next mnute he is cursing and screaming at you and belittling you. Also he is very controlling and i am embarressed to say this at 25 ys old but he still tries to control me and if i go out too much he starts harrassing me and treating me like garbage, always starting arguements, calling me names, etc.:sad: I mean he is not a complete monster as he does treat me well too, but he controls my whole house and honestly its making me crazy. Also Its not like i am a bad person, I dont do drugs, or go out and get drunk all the time, i am at the top of my class and applying to med school next year, i help my mother with shopping cooking all the time, I dont go out all night all the time and i am not slutty. Honestly its making me crazy:sad:, I try my best to be the best its never good enough and I get belittled, yelled at (lie im a little girl) and cursed off all the time, sometimes b4 i have to go out to work too. UGH! I needed to get that off my chest, TIA for listening:heart:
  2. Living at home, you do have to put up with a few things given it's your parent's house, however, that doesn't mean your father has the right to be abusive.
    Have you talked with him about his behavior and how it affects you? I'd sit him down, be calm and basically say exactly what you've said here. You love him and you're being a good person, so it hurts you when he says the things he says. If that doesn't help, maybe enlist your mother. If that doesn't help, then it looks like you're going to have to make a decision. Is saving money worth the abuse?
  3. yep...u r either gonna have to deal with it or try to find a roomate and move out on yer own.Thats the prob with livin with yer dad...u have to abide by his rules when u r under his roof...whether he is right or not...KWIM?So sorry he treats u like that.......I have a mom like that....very verbally abusive....I got out of the house the minute I was legal.
  4. thank you guys for responding:heart:, I mean i have in the past tried to talk to him about it and he is kinda like "give me a break" or gets angry, and he treats my mom the same way so not like she's not gonna say anything:rolleyes:, its really frustrating...I mean I love my family and they are really good people its just that my father is like very up and down. I really dont want to move out, bc in a yr ill be going away to med school (hopefully), I just needed to vent once again thanks for listening.
  5. *hugs* know what your going through and I know there isn't a great deal you can do except to move out.

    Sorry off topic a bit - Oh how I turned the tables:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: on my parents the first time they came to visit me in my home - My Home - My Rules, your under My Roof therefore you Will Abide By MY Rules. They then pulled the "But I'm your Mother/Father" bs so they were left in no doubt that respect is a two way street and not an automatic right, it's earned not a given just because of rank/status etc. Since then I've had a good relationship with both parents.